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Going to get the inbounds out of bounds Coming up next segment Coming up next hour. The Cardinals slice up the Titans. So There's two things to extrapolate from that. Just just how good maybe the cardinals or but also, uh, I would be a little word. If I'm Titans fan a little really would. I said last week, and I said it. I didn't really circle back to it and underscored. I didn't just I think it was when you were out on Friday. Just let it dangle a little bit. I said, You know, I want to see Ryan Tannehill without Arthur Smith. What to see this? Yeah, and without, you know, look that go run game. That's just dominant. Yep. For sure. Who? You know, he was run heavy, and he would put him in a very good spot. So listen, you have Derrick Henry. Have Julio Jones. You have brown. You have Tannehill. You have friendly. I'm not. I'm not saying this by any stretch that you know it's a calamity here, but Titans. Look, they look so bad that I don't think that you could just say. Well, they lost weak one. They look bad, but we will get to that coming up in our two. Jalen hurts The exact opposite look terrific. And the Eagles the only team with a win inside of what was the worst division of football the year ago. So the Eagles the top all the NFC East, all right, T. Couch football. You know, the Pac 12 had a great win going into Columbus. I mean, listen, even if they would have played their up in Oregon, and you know the Buckeyes make that make that site and make that try and make that journey I should say. And the places rabbit as it would be. It would still be an incredible win. And it would still be you know, a little dent in the armor of the Buckeyes Perceptually but to go into Columbus where they never lose, Yeah, and kind of push him around again. Much like, Look, Look, college football is wonky. This year. We had this conversation before the council ball season started a lot of it because all the young new quarterbacks on some of these teams that are that are top in. I mean, truly, only Alabama. We can count on to be consistently. Great. North Carolina lost, uh, Washington. George is going to be pretty good. Yeah, probably, Uh, but but Alabama, you can count on them every single year. Um, Ohio State. They are perennially in the conversation for the college football playoff really since the beginning of the college ball, And before that, they always have good talent offensively, good wide receivers, and they still do have good wide receivers. In fact, it's not the offensive side of the ball that I'm worried about. CJ Stroud, their young starting quarterback, He's a stunt. I mean yards like 403 100. He did for over 400 yards having in this game and they got to really good wide receivers and Chris Olive and Garrett Wilson. Um and this Skill positions are there But for the first time in a really long time, uh, you know, and you know how ST Columbus their defense is in trouble, Dude, Um, we watched that game against Minnesota. Remember, we we We talked about it, mostly because of the kid Mo Ibrahim running back for 163 yards or whatever it was before he ruptured his Achilles. Uh, they got gassed on the ground against Minnesota, Minnesota. We like P. J. Fleck, But it's Minnesota ran for 206 yards last weekend against Oregon. Oregon ran for 269 Yards bt this is a big 10 squad, and I was state that's that prides itself on having big hogs in the trenches on both sides being aggressive in the second levels. Seven super athletes in the secondary will come down and popular and they looked lost. Against what Oregon was doing, and I was reading about how they had so much success. How organized so much success and you could see it as you were watching it, But you're It was kind of confusing. It's like what? What actually is happening here like why are these holes so massive for Oregon? And it's because they're offensive coordinators. There was Joe Morehead has basically brought back the triple option. Remember the triple option, like from Way back when Nebraska Yes, he's brought it back. But there's a new twist on it. And so it's like cross blocking. So the line blocks one way and the tight end comes across the formation. Like all the way across the formation, right or right to left, right, the left left to right and he's supposed to block the edge guy. But he got he never blocks the edge guy. What he ends up doing. He bypasses the edge. Guy gets the corner of the line back. He bypasses the edge guy and goes into the flat. It's the third option, and so now all of a sudden this defensive end thinks he's getting blocked. And so he's getting ready to take on this blocker and he gets passed up and he's like, okay, let me go Attack the ball carrier, and it's the quarterback who is now sticking the ball into the into the belly of the running back, So he's like, All right, Who do I take? I take the quarterback or do I take the running back? And so if he takes the running back The quarterback keeps the ball and now the quarterback has the ball. He's out on the perimeter. Remember the tight ends in the flat, right? He's away from the play. And now the guy who's covering the tight end. How has has has has a decision decision to make my taking the quarterback and I go and cover the guy I'm supposed to cover And so if he goes and covers the guy supposed to cover the quarterback Anthony Johnson Anthony Brown, who was transferred from BC just goes and takes off picks up 20 yards. If he takes the quarterback, he throws it to the guy did it? It's an unstoppable option. It's unbelievable. It's just an R P o that we've seen for years in college sports, But you add that extra like component that triple option that third option to it. They could not figure it out. They ran it at least six times in this game and critical situation. The 77 yard touchdown to that CJ Verdell had that was it was It was the same play on in late in the game. When they had they had to get a first down. It was that same play in Ohio State just could Not stop it. I mean, it was it was. It was amazing when you watch. Well, I mean, the good news for Ohio State is that they're not going to see this again the rest of the year in the big 10 that's bringing this. But even if big 10 teams try to replicate that they're not gonna have the athletes and systematically. It's not going to be quite as also we did a little business, too. So that that's true. Listen, but the thing about the Minnesota game and you have to incorporate this. I know they won't think it was at 45 31 They like If you didn't watch the game, and you were texting that night, you were.

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