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London soon. There's great interest in having these internationally and I think the the secret of this. All the thirty listened to you. Maybe he might make this the Metropolitan Police now. All the food is prepared from scratch. It's beautiful the I it's delicious and we don't rub people's faces in the fact that it's healthy food but people feel good eat there so and I supply a lot of the recipes. Ice Look for novel ingredients. And it's based on my philosophy of an anti inflammatory diet which developed so i. This goes back. Probably Twenty twenty four years. I began to see information. In the scientific literature about inflammation being the root cause of chronic serious chronic diseases. All the diseases of aging coronary artery disease. Alzheimer's Disease Cancer. That all of these things linked in purposeless low level chronic inflammation. Anyone might not and you don't necessarily know that you're inflamed right. No this is imperceptible. Inflammation you know. What on the surface of your body. You know if you're if you're injured or having infection there's local red heat nece swelling and pain that's inflammation but this can go on throughout the body at a very low level and it looks like if it persists This leads to these very serious chronic diseases so it seemed to me that your best strategy for overall health is to contain inappropriate inflammation and there are many influences on inflammatory status their environmental toxins that increase inflammation stress increases inflammation but diet. Has a you draw. And we have potential control over that so I looked at the Mediterranean diet as a template because we have enormous scientific evidence for the Mediterranean Diet being associated with good general health in jeopardy and I tweaked that by adding Asian influences to it from my experiences of my time in Asia. So I added spices like ginger and Turmeric and green tea and Macho and Mushrooms Asian mushrooms so came up with this anti inflammatory diet. It's not a it's not difficult to follow. It doesn't deny pleasure from food and that's the basis of the food served and true food kitchen and you and there's a book about the Anti Inflammatory Diet. Yes that's on all my in my website Doctor Wyle Dot com all of my recent books. You can find the details of that and obviously they'll be in the show next but I do want to ask you about supplementation. Yes so I was a health spa yesterday doing a little bit of investigative work and I will pass the IV drip room. And I said I really disagree. Obviously I make myself really popular when I did. You know what that's like when I said I don't really think I should be given an ivy. Renton you know what my current levels are. I should be tested first and then if there is a deficiency then maybe there is scope for. I couldn't agree with you more moreover. I think there's no reason to give anything. Iv when you can give these orally and I would not let anyone give me an IV infusion of something unless there was a really good reason to do that so that seems crazy to me but it is that kind of thing of Oh. I'm feeling of its sluggish. This week I'm going to go and get my fichman being while. There's your placebo effect at work you know. One of the classic placebos has been Jackson's vitamin B. Twelve that's that's over the years that's classic for actors. Singers performers sports people get a shot of B twelve. When you turn but the first one the first one always has the greatest effect and then subsequently fading that's Classic Placebo Interesting at any rate there. I sub supplements are not substitute for the whole foods that contain them because at best their partial representations of the complex of compounds that nature produces and. I don't think taking supplements excuses you from eating a good diet. But I think supplements can be useful as insurance against gaps in the Diet. I am a very careful shopper. I Cook for myself. I have a garden. I grow a lot of my own food. And I take a daily multi multi nutrient supplement because for one reason other such as when I here. I don't eat the The fruits and vegetables that I should every day and we need these micronutrients every day in the right amount so I think supplements can be used as insurance against gaps in the Diet and some of them in higher doses than you can get from foods have specific therapeutic or preventive effects like vitamin D for example. So and it's very it's useful to know about them then. It might not seem like today. 'cause it's a very peaceful bright sunny day in London quite a bit. There's a lot of vitamin D but You know. Interestingly there's also a lot of vitamin D deficiency in Saudi Arabia. And that's because people are either all covered up there in air-conditioned buildings all day and there's a great deal of vitamin D deficiency in Arizona. I live because dermatologists have made people so paranoid about the sun that everybody is slathered with sunscreen. And so they don't get vitamin D either suffocating blocking the receptors interesting. So if someone is listening to this thinking covered supplements what should I do? Is it a case? Maybe taking that step back and looking at actually getting in you know when our clinic at the University of Arizona when I don't actively see patients anymore but when I did and all the people that I work with do the same we had asked people to bring in everything that are taking some people would come in with two shopping bags full supplements and dump them out and you say. Why are you taking this? Well my neighbor takes it and you know she says. Why are you taking this? I heard on the radio. Why are you taking this? I don't I don't really remember. And a Lotta. These are duplicative unnecessary. And that the fun of the first things we do is just. We'd all this stuff out now. One of the things I do and this is inspired by my brother is if ever I start to feel even slightest bit unwell. I will great fresh garlic. Oh that's that's my go-to antisocial. Yes but it works. I do it at the first. Garlic is a very powerful antibiotic and The compound in it. That's responsible for that. It's called Allison and Allison is not present in an UN crushed garlic. Clove IT FORMS. When garlic is crushed up and is exposed to air and many people don't know this so if you want the health benefits of garlic you should mash garlic and let it sit for ten minutes before you use it if you do then you can add it to. You can cook with and so for and you get the Allison. So that's a good little tip that most people don't know but you're doing that if you're grading sorry listeners. I've just given doctoral my surprise. Like Oh my God. Thanks well okay. Can I ask you how you feel about question garlic with some Chili? This is if you get a cold and a shot of vodka and that sounds fine and then I go to bed a I think. Garlic is terrific and really good at. It's very useful at the first sign of a respiratory infection. Because it's an anti it's antibacterial antiviral and does a lot of good things for you and say better to do that than to take up. Actually I don't think any of the any of the over the counter cold remedies do anything. I think they're worthless and it actually may be counterproductive in that. They make people think that they're doing something. And then they go about their business when they should be resting and not exposing other people right okay. We're going to move onto something else. That could be a whole episode. But you've already kind of done an episode. Tim Ferriss about this. But I do want to reference it from my listeners because the experimentation in use of Psychedelia psychotropic says because has become fashionable. I'm getting these press releases about it and I know if people who were saying. Oh come to my house and I've got this shave and he's GonNa come along and keep his company while we do and I find that really worrying. The main advice would give people. It'd be very careful about who you do it with you know when you really want to check the credentials of these people who are guiding sessions. Because they're they're all applications of using these drugs and the ones that I've listened to for example. I know the ones that Tim Ferriss is funding. The ones that are actually helping with things like which is incredible but using it as like a hobbyist or this weekend. I'm going to open my mind. Well I think you know physically. These drugs are quite safe. Probably safer than any of the drugs medicine. But the there are real psychological risks to them and those are containable by attending to set and setting. You know but that's the skill of the the guy in arranging circumstances to increase the chance of a positive experience so there are. I get an awful lot of increase from people. Where can I find somebody to guide PSYCHEDELIC experience and I? It's I don't always know how to what to tell people about that but there is now there are one of the groups that's been very successful. You know about maps in the US. It's the multi. Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies Nonprofit Group the founder of that Rick. Tomlin almost single-handedly has been responsible for getting md where it is today where it's about to be legalized for treatment of PTSD. He's raised a lot of money for PSYCHEDELIC research..

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