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Eighty seven Marie only twenty five with taken by the French army and never seen again. Eighty seven just set has been campaigning for sixty years for the French state to take responsibility for the torture and killing of her husband. In this week's assignment, I'm in France, exploring the lasting impact of a conflict there ended fifty seven years ago. Just that is too frail to talk at length about her husband. So we get to a nearby cafe whether daughter Michelle tells me about him, so do you? Remember your dad? Yes. Sure. Okay. Was killed when I was three. He's the one who told me to write and to read so. Louise taught math at the university and live with just that Michelle and their two sons in an apartment in the country's capital Algiers. The country had been controlled by France since eighteen thirteen by the nineteen fifties Europeans formed one tenth the population, including the Odumbe's remember him playing with. To to play with the telephone. And things like that. But unlike.

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