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Lisa magruder drives for DoorDash as a side hustle. Half of our earnings go back to gas and we're right back where we started. She joined comptroller Peter Franco a Democrat and his call for a gas tax holiday. On July 1st, the state's gas tax increases by about 7 cents to 43 cents a gallon. He wants lawmakers to call a special session. The national Democrats in Congress are saying, no, we're not going to do it. Here in Maryland, they're doing the same thing. No, we're not going to do it. They are going to do it. Meanwhile, Republican members of the General Assembly are also calling for relief, delegate Kathy schlegel. They've got 7 billion in reserves. Give that back to the people who paid it. Democratic lawmakers say the state can not bear the sole burden of high gas prices and they'll likely need the surplus during a future recession, but they are working towards other solutions. Luke Luger WTO news. A previous ex tax holiday in Maryland ended last month. It's now been more than 6 months since police described a man. They dubbed as the shopping cart killer. But he still has not been arrested in any local cases. Plas December fairfax county police identified Anthony Eugene Robinson as the so called shopping cart killer. He'd been charged with killing two women in Harrisonburg, Robinson suspected, but not charged in the deaths of Cheyenne Brown and Stephanie Harrison and fairfax county and Sonya champ in D.C.. Sources tell TLP prosecutors believe the Harrison bird cases are the strongest and that convictions there could help with a fairfax county cases. Robinson's next court appearance in Harrisonburg is set for September. Neil law can stay in WTO. Well, there is new information today about the murder of a woman in fairfax county. She was found critically hurt in a bus stop earlier this month. The woman is 63 year old Michelle Huntley. She was homeless and police say she was using the bus stop in the 7800 block of Richmond highway as a shelter. Fairfax county police lieutenant Daniels Patel. We believe that miss Huntley was attacked at the bus stop. That's where she likely sustained her injuries and where officers and that passerby had located her. She was attacked on June 17th, but died over the weekend so far police don't have a motive for the killing in a video from businesses in the area so far has not been helpful. Officers are asking the public for help to solve the case. Kyle Cooper, WTO news. A fairfax county supervisor says Lee district, which he represents should be changed to franconia district. Supervisor Rodney lusk posted a statement and video to a social media channels over the weekend. He said, more than two years of conversation in the community have shown him the overwhelming approval for a name change for lead district named for confederate general Robert E. Lee. Lusk called franconia named that synonymous with the community in central to its identity, he says he'll introduce a request for the board to adopt franconia as the district's new name on Tuesday. Meantime, the legal fight over a statue of confederate general Robert E. Lee is evolving. It used to be about whether to keep the sculpture in a Charlottesville, Virginia park. Now the fight is over what form the bronze should take, a lawsuit aims to block a Charlottesville museum from altering the statue. The Robert E. Lee statue is stored in an undisclosed location, but it's already been cut into pieces. The city of Charlottesville voted to donate the least statue to the Jefferson school African American heritage center, the black led museum had plans to melt down the sculpture and shape it into a new piece of public art. The Washington Post reports that's now on hold while a lawsuit plays out. After traffic and weather. Author and veteran Wes Moore wants to be Maryland's next governor. I'm Kate Ryan. It's

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