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65 degrees in Boston at five o'clock. Good afternoon. I'm Ben Parker. Here's what's happening. Prosecutors say they routinely left overtime shifts early, putting in for all the hours aside, and now a number of current and retired Boston police officers are arraigned on federal fraud charges Disease. Karen Regal joins us now with the latest carrot All but three of the nine officers charged here were arraigned and they all played not guilty. The three who were not arraigned been AH mix of retired in active duty. Boston police said that they hadn't had a chance to read the complaint. So their attorneys asked for a later arraignment date. So that's been pushed off until next week. Here's what happened in a nutshell. There accused these officers. These retired on active duty officers are accused of falsifying essentially evidence there their logs when they worked at the Evidence warehouse put again for time. They did not work, and they are also accused of falsifying time when they went to go drop off of discarded prescriptions. You know how you can turn in prescriptions. You don't need any more when they went to go drop those off. It will a breaker in Saugus, which is an incinerator and that was investigated by the U. S attorney because Boston police take federal money, which puts them Somewhat under that jurisdiction. They mayor Boston put out a statement saying that he was disgusted of the police commissioner, not happy either putting out a statement. In fact, it was Boston police. The H Q. Who initiated this investigation and turned it over to the feds. U. S Attorney Andrew Belling says. These officers are charged with stealing taxpayer money. Year after year. This allegedly went on over a span of about three years. Everyone's back in court In October. Karen Regal W. B Z Boston's NewsRadio, Secretary of state, Bill Galvin's asking a court to allow local election officials to keep counting primary ballots that were received on time. But as of last night had not been tally that is because of a large number of mail in ballots Arriving at the very last minute, the Democratic primary race to replace Congressman Joe Kennedy is still too close to call. Right now about 96% of the ballots have been counted. Whoever ends up winning that race would face Julie Hall, the Republican in November. Senator Ed Markey won yesterday and now he's turning his attention to Kevin O'Connor. Republican he'll face in November. Congressman Joe Kennedy, considering what's next after losing his primary challenge Shops, University political science professor Jeffrey Berry says its historic one wonders if it's the end of the dynasty here, Massachusetts it's unlikely that there's a Kennedy We'll be running any time soon. Hey, has two adorable Children and, you know, maybe 40 years from now they'll run. But there are Kennedy's elsewhere, including Jack Schlossberg, President Kennedy's grandson, who showed up at the Democratic National Convention with his mom. Caroline Kennedy. Drop that handsome and he Certainly would attract money and attention, but very notes. It takes more than that to win campaigns. I'm Julie Walker. A manhole cover goes airborne in Wall FAM. It slammed into a car on Wyman Street. There were no reports of any serious injuries. W B Z T V. Says, ever sources trying to figure out what led to that manhole cover going up in there. Three traffic.

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