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Today's conversation with cara gaucho last month cara was here to tell us what it was like being a part of the nbc broadcast team during the us. Track and field trials at hayward field in eugene oregon and that conversation was so fine and so well received that we just had to do it again. Because this time. Kara is fresh off the two week trip to tokyo where she was again. Part of the nbc broadcast team. But this time it was at the olympics. Farah of course is no stranger to the olympics. She's competed there as a professional athlete twice before but this time around for tokyo twenty twenty cara had a new view of all the action because this time around she was there as an nbc olympics. Distance analyst calling the men's and women's races from the fifteen hundred meters up to the marathon on this episode. Cara talks about how this experience compared to the trials about what her studying process was like. Which wow sounds very intense and about how she worked on pronouncing every name correctly she also shares the one thing she said on air that kept her at night. Kerr talks about getting choked up as molly seidl was coming in for the bronze in the marathon in about why she could not let herself cry on air. Even though we were all crying on our couches at home anti talks about what it was like watching emma coburn one of her closest friends cover really tough race out there but having to keep it together because while she was on air. This conversation is filled with interesting insights and fun stories. And i just know you're gonna love it so please join me in welcoming cowher back to the alley on the run show for the fifth time. All right cara. Gouge is back a fresh off the broadcast at the olympics. Cara thank you so much for coming back. I'm so excited we get to do this again. Welcome back to the alley on the run show base. I noticed this our thing like you know it'd be great sometime. We actually just like hung out together. Yeah in person. I think actress like twenty twelve or something at mile love. I like wow like. I really liked. Were we always best conversations like like that record but also before mike we should just like hang out but yeah someday we'll be able to do that. It would be great if this pen could fully end and we could just like come out to colorado because any has not been on plane yet. I was so that mom that was like we're going to travel with her like when she's young and so it'll be easy because she'll be well traveled. She has been nowhere so you know eventually. Yeah i mean some things are out of your control at this. Yeah or if anyone has a private jet they would like to lend us. I would not saints doing out there. We'll see what comes of that. We have a lot to cover today. I'm really excited to get to hear about what it was like. Being in tokyo and calling so many of those races but before we get into it. You have a new intro this time because you have a new title this time around. So can you remind everyone who you are where you call home and what you do. Oh my gosh new title. Well my name is character. I wasn't elite athlete. Now i just run for fine. I'm a mom a wife mother to four animals. Because i'm crazy and i work with alan ultra but now i also am. Distance analyst for nbc. Can you explain that role and what fell under that umbrella for the olympics. Yes so basically. All of the distance races. Oh fifteen hundred up. I'm the color commentator. So leafy is the play by play for everything so a lot of people. Ask me about this when i got home to like. He brings us into every race. He takes us out of every race and he also calls the last one hundred fifty meters of every race and so there was a lot of people that were like. Why did you. Why did you always let like. He always interrupt you. I'm like he never interrupted me. Sometimes i over set my boundaries. Because i i remember the men's five thousand. I noticed that moahmed looked really good with one hundred to go. And i just shouted it out which i'm not supposed to do So basically about everything. In between i'm mike adding commentary of like why the moves are happening who these people are background on the athletes and how they like to raise them. Just how the racist unfolding. Which job do you think is harder. Because i think they both sound incredibly challenging But for you is. Are you finding that that is your sweet spot doing color commentary or do you like the play by play stuff. No no no. No i am very some of my coworkers like they have dreams of moving up or doing that. I have zero dreams of doing that. I think if i did this again i am definitely my sweet spot. I i actually love working with lee. I think he's a really good play by play. I liked it. I liked that he says so such lead and then i get to say why they took the lead. I am super happy and comfortable in my little role that i have. And it's my understanding. I believe you shared at one point in terms of this specific role with the olympics that you had said i wanna be away from my family for as little time as possible. So can you sort of explain what that looked like him. What that meant for your role. Yeah originally supposed to be in japan for three weeks. And i was like. I can't do that. I have already missed two weeks of my son's summer. And so i got it down to two weeks. So essentially i was the last person from nbc to arrive in tokyo on the track and field production side. And i arrived tuesday night and then wednesday thursday. We had rehearsal and then friday at started. Typically i would have gotten there earlier. I would have toured the venue I would shout more ideas of what. I wanted to talk louder. If there's like a special story. I wanted to tell and instead it really fell on me to communicate that via email before i got there and then of course i i got my notes later because you're not you get them onsite and you know. Sometimes i would get him on a day ahead of time but like the women's marathon. I got like late. Friday night in ahead of six. Am start so. I did feel like playing catch up a little bit but for me it worked out because i just was really homesick those first two days and then once the racist started you know we had morning sessions and evening sessions in inbetween. I was studying and once that started. It really went by fast and so for me was the best possible scenario to just get there. Forty eight hours ahead of time. Basically you're like to navigate ahead of time and then but yet everyone else was already there and there was a fourteen day south quarantine so once you hit fourteen days. If you tested negative you could go out. And like go to a restaurant or gopher ryan and so i i never you know made by fourteen day quarantine Where my co workers did. But i felt like that was. It was worth it to me to stay home longer. And did you know going into it. What exactly your role would be in terms of when you would be airing. I feel like this was the most common question. Okay so explain not of it. Because i think common confusion amongst everyone. We're all switching between like peacock and nbc gold and olympics. Finding all the places to watch and then every time without feel why am i here keurig alger during prime time. Can you explain that a little bit. Yes so i was also very confused. Everyone i thought it'd be calling every single distance race in that it would live somewhere right like if it wasn't i knew that there was a crew out of stanford that was calling for cable and i knew that was tim. Hutchinson.

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