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El chapo was the man behind the curtain pulled. All the strength quite keen arch avello guzman. Low era is perhaps best known as el chapo mexican slang for shorty which is quite fitting considering his five foot six stature and stocky build heading up the similar drugs cartel he was considered to be one of the most powerful drug traffickers in the world and has been the subject of some well-publicized manhunts the most recent after he escaped through a tunnel while awaiting sentencing in twenty-fifty roadblocks are in place in an airport closed as they try to recapture the cartel. Nita thought to be worth a billion dollars that when the following year mexican authorities recaptured him. Following a shootout. He was later extradited to the united states where he's currently serving a life sentence in a maximum security jail in colorado. This conviction is a victory for the mexican. People who've lost more than one hundred thousand lies in drug related. Violence conviction is a victory for every family who has lost a loved one to the black hole of addiction. His convictions include murder money laundering and organized crime and according to wikipedia page chapo has at least four spouses. But this isn't a podcast about him. No this is the story of how a former american beauty queen went on to become the wife of the mexican drug kingpin. Who is emma. coronel lice bureau. How did she get embroiled in the sinaloa cartel and is she a victim or a key player in her husband's empire. Welcome to the sky news. Daily podcast with me germany minor. Hannah's reexamined the story beyond the headlines. I to my investigation related with us in the lower on two thousand five so the first time that i have heard about anchorman was on two thousand seven just days after she married with the shepherd was man in the mon signs of the golden triangle in in durango and as a yemeni nana's i am mexican investigative journalist. I have been investigating this mellower lower carson by the last sixteen years born near san francisco in one thousand nine hundred thousand nine. Emma went on to enter the two thousand and seven coffee and guava festival beauty pageant and a town in north west mexico. it's here in canelas where she reportedly met. Joaquin el chapo guzman the pad marrying soon after emma still a teenager husband more than thirty years her senior. When i done that was invited to the ari. It told me about sure told me about how john west on. I was able to get some pictures of her when she was very young because she has the baby little legal when he became the queen over these liberal town in canales rodin goes show exists some big jurors quincy senior sold. So that was the only the first time that i have heard and i was striding to gone that her. I sent her a message. Because i want to make make care. Inc for my book But west impossible. She'd never answered because you know the wives of the heads of the carton usually they are very discrediting betty silent day. I ready local five so in. That moment was impossible for me to get her. You talking about a wedding and we referred to her as chop bo's wife. What's the legal position though and bell of actually legally married. That is a very good question because legally they are not married legally they only wise of epa was man. East alexandrina celeste night. He's i rice. He never gave her the divorce and she still his score mile. Why but this far were ama- show up with a job. Was i know. Four months ceremony inside this through which A chapel gave him a floor mother role. Is he slides. One thing are the loggers do these kind of capitals has not bought 'em was deeper in was not anymore just his lower west peace formality partner so moving on the years of it she gets established as his partner as cooler that gets more involved. We've got to imagine in the running of the cartel. He's captured he goes on trial. And then annabel you gotta really long interview with coronel. Cooking was myeloid senior level. Cap must annabel's interview with them featured on noticiero telemundo in february twenty sixteen. They spoke for around four hours. Knock on on tiger style. Annacone manabe novenas impulsive. Nothing recalled meeting el chapo at a party in her hometown. Saying he'd being dancing with another girl and that she had had a boyfriend at the time but that he'd asked her to dance she also pointed out that he struck her as very confident. Tell us what you found out about her background and her role in the sinoloa cartel and your impressions of what kind of person she is. Finally i was able to contact directly with emigrant on january of two thousand sixteen after a job who was arrested in mexico after he escaped for the sick on time two thousand sixteen and was almost a fact that he will be extradited to the united states. So that's why am i been asset to give me an interview. Now i re- understand. That was not just heard station. I'm sure now that a chapel sent her to me. He order your do. Give me the ink on their work. I met her on february february. Two thousand sixteen she was. I think guinea six ninety seven your soul and she gave me a very happiness. Czar interviewed. Because you know in this interview. She tried to cover to her husband herself. She tried to production but she did very badly because she even in front the kameda. She was unable to keep her allies. Have done many interviews with why and igli. This guy no capitals. But i think i remember that this interview with 'em.

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