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I've had attorneys who stole from me i had one that some of the worst people that's deal famille the guys who lead off with a handshake hi are you a christian i'm a good christian somebody has to lead will i'm a good christian i go if you have to say it you're probably not it and i do business with great christmas like you know richard veronica tan they're hardcore christian state live and practice christianity but they don't push it on me you see you're gonna practice what you think and finding that kind of person is really really really i think the key to life and especially today when you have so many crooked people all over all from laters all over the world who are raping cheating stealing crooked if you can't trust your team and your partners you know it's really a tough world so these questions are very very important because there are so many people that will sell their soul for a buck they always want more money and i don't know how you talk to those people that they're they're legal ethics and their morality is available for a buck but you don't know until you do business with them and i wish they could be another way one way to do it is you can ask for referrals and talk to their friends you can in a like some of these professional athletes we're talking to us i think i mentioned that one guy has ten kids with seven wives i don't know if i want that kind of guys that business partner and like i said earlier if i hadn't shaped up with kim i would have missed out on the best partner in my whole life which is kim so you've got to be the kind of person you want to be in partnership with that's the lesson of the day so i think all you full list.

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