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Experience available free at your favorite apps store not just WTOP your WTOP it's one twenty eight traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks as of late a pretty quiet ride through the district DC two ninety five nineteen ninety five move along without incident or delay I have no problems on the freeway between the Potomac and Anacostia river bridge crossings are both super parkway south capitol street the incident delay free early New York Avenue in valley the Anacostia toward the third street to also in good shape early now I keep mine the road closures in and around the tidal basin over near the cherry blossoms a lot of those closures remain in effect I said just keep that in mind you will not have access to those areas as results follow police direction if you're driving in Maryland two seventy south from Frederick don Sabella a quiet start with I. ninety five the Baltimore Washington parkway also in good shape headed south toward the capital beltway parkway was moving well inside the belly headed down toward the district line I can always Avenue southbound Maryland two oh one as you're approaching a change for US fifty are you get by the works and single files left you'll see an occasional Glazer as result are they continue work north on Georgia Avenue issue approaching past Spring Street single far right get you by the ongoing utility work southbound the through lines are open but the left turn lane is closed as part of that work since you if your sap Hana Georgie can I go left on Spring Street as a result of the construction over in Howard County one await Clarksville pike in near shepherd lane alternate traffic one direction at times with work sound rich hundred WTOP traffic it's going to be a cold and cloudy and clammy kinda day with temperatures in the upper forties rain that likely.

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