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Management center in shoreline with why the worst still might be yet to come things could have been a lot worse than an extra twenty to thirty minutes to come up to Seattle from the south for the Tuesday morning drive, again starting earlier than usual and heading from the north that was maybe an extra ten minutes. Starting a little later Wednesday and Thursday is traffic volumes continue to increase it could be a different story and Seattle department of transportation's mad bull. You says remember we're about to see some rain, which makes the drive tougher. So we really want to make sure people are are taking their time. Keep an eye out. For other users on the road any attention to the officers out there, helping to co intersections helping to enforce and help credit keep everyone else safe and make sure we all get to work and then get home after King County. Metro transit says it did see some delays of up to a half hour, but they've also taking dozens of trips with their extra standby. Buses there's still some room there and plenty of extra room on the west Seattle, water taxi. If you want to avoid that bridge jam as for the work to connect highway ninety nine to the tunnel. There are some sections right on schedule like tear down of old roads and geo foam removal, or the building of new walls and embankments, and there are some that are ahead of schedule. But that doesn't mean we might see the tunnel opened before February fourth the state DOT's. Dave sour says the big piece is laying down the road pavement, which takes fourteen days to cure for that next week. We're still fourteen days there before you could even put trucks on end of next week. We would know when the curious finished, and when it's going to be strike, we could certainly put down temporary striping, if we have some bad weather the last few days, the biggest worry about a potential traffic. Nightmare was that one incident like the late morning overturned dirt truck on northbound five would cause a ripple effect but wash dots. Chris Olsen says they're ready. We normally have somewhere around ten of our incident response teams during our. P commute times during this closure. We have shifted some of them. So we've got to additional and then three that we've shifted from the weekend. So we've got about fifteen out there roaming around during our peaking at times and clearing. Those blocking incidents quickly is one of the ways to keep the Seattle. Squeeze relatively loose at the transportation management center. Ryan Harris, KOMO news. Let's talk traffic and trains. Burlington Northern Santa Fe is doing what it can to help. Keep traffic moving during the highway ninety nine construction promising not to block downtown intersections for more than ten minutes at a time Gus Maloney's with the NSF tells KOMO it's also important for them to keep the freight moving products that are being used for the viaduct project. Those are being moved by rail as well. So everybody depends on these movements. But again, we're going to try to do what we can do to help with this gridlock situation because it's it's a pain for everybody. We get that. Typically, fifty trains every day move through the city staggering student schedules. Just one of the. Options. Bethel school district is considering if a four hundred million dollar bond measure is rejected by voters in a special.

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