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I felt like I had to finally give that up which is totally wrong. But it must happen to a lot of people. I think it does. I think it does. And on some was probably I don't know if it needs to I mean to educate people in a group the size of most classrooms. I think it needs to happen. But I'm not sure that that's how we need the educated anymore. But that's a whole other whole other bag of. Yeah. Like, some of my I'm sure some of your students in China, you this too. But I've had students tell me that they've had up to like sixty and eighty students in one class for primaries. Oh, yeah. I know it's amazing. And Chris I can't even like when my when my language classrooms got above like twenty twenty five people. It'd be like, okay. This is really not doable anymore. The how can and those were teenagers to adult. So I'm thinking, oh my gosh. Having children like five six seven years old with eighty of them in one classroom. No wonder there has to be a sense of conformity to move forward and learn stuff. Oh, yeah. You can see the extreme that here in China for sure definitely definitely the question. I love to ask. Because I I am inevitably dr- is it sounds like you are too is in inner formative years. A lot of people seem to fall on one side or the other if they're more of a more drawn to reading or more drawn to writing did you have an affinity for one or the other or were you pretty equally split. I think I was pretty equally split reading and writing were both very strongly encouraged by parents, and they they got a lot of books, and they also got a lot of writing and drawing materials, and I can remember growing up by just use to lay on the floor and drawl, and right, and I had this funny habit where I wouldn't breath when I was doing it. So I would finish a sentence or finish a part of the picture, and then have this huge science breath. And my parents used to remind me don't forget to breathe if our handsome at the Matthews draw lane mad, don't forget to breeds. Why do you started to do that? That's really interesting while I would focus on the part so intensely that I would hold my breath because I didn't wanna make a little mistake on my paper, and I would just lay on the floor and just have crowns or pencils all around me. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. That's really interesting. I'm trying to think of. I don't know. Wow. That's yeah. So I think kind of kind of those are pretty fairly split. I always liked to do both of those things, and I still do come back to when you were learning Chinese. So you said you started learning Chinese when you were at university. The can you kind of describe the the classroom setting that that was. Sure, I was very lucky at university. I had several teachers from I had I think three teachers from China and one from Korea and one whose parents were born in Japan, but he was born in the states. So I had a lot of teachers from Asia and the Chinese teacher. I had was a man named Carl John he might still be there. He is from Sichuan, and he was an amazing man who could speak German English fluently as well as Chinese, and he might have been able to speak one more language, and he used to also do tied. She classes and teach Taiji in the square of the school that class. I think we had about twenty students and it was led by him. And then the next semester. I had a woman from China. I don't remember where she was from. And then a TA from China who took over for a few weeks. So that was the first year, but I we had about twenty students, and they were the same mostly the same people throughout the year..

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