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Because we've never really seen them win. You know we've never seen them kind of have success that they're having at this stage. But I think they're thinking even further because a mcmurray has taught them, which is like, yeah, cool. We do that on earth. They're still going to be all these threats on cosmic gale. So we need to figure out mute survival forever like the plan is not like mute survival for hundred years it's for ever. which is much much harder. Obviously. This is what ties into me one of the more interesting theories that I've been batting around. I don't know how much there is to this but. Guy Suggested and I've seen it suggested that like. Plans could be to sacrifice. Immune sinker Coa to the failings that they could look to ascend via whatever the heck is going on there with all that. Stuff that was laid out into achieve this ascension for their survival. What I'm thinking now though is what if she's actually fighting against that because in Moore's life six We saw her make it that far into the future where at society that was.

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