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Working so and that was both ways because social media is such a great platform for building and showcasing authenticity. So they can't see you as you are and if you're a brand that is able to do that. Well that was for you but if you sort of struggle at then you can easily see through that as well. Are you an example it so typically any cg on automobile apparel industry cycles so dumping the lighting summer. Someone doesn't adult window election nights so these peaks in any industry. You diwali peak in automobile mad at season. Peaking marketing managers life sort of all these two peaks reading too large campaigns. And then each of those will have different editions across the media official in social media stamping. Right yeah expect almost right so a lot of it is experiments some more work as you thought of as you would. Not all of them would have great budgets but you can see everyday and that sort of deep sue on your tools but to be the world by dislike focusing on big campaigns in the it's closer to the appetizing spills just from the point of the frequency and the gets the momentum. Yeah over the last decade you planned and executed to eight. National campaigns are brands. You could hear the the first guy. Diggity experiential campaign for tvs managed the second dodgers beer brand. You also played an integral part in zometa gold. Now you're running all things brand pennzoil. What lessons have you learned across his journey that you always so for example if they're young budding marketers for tune into this podcast and they want to know other couple of lessons. That you think are widens for you in your giannini. O'brien johnny. What are some of those that you'd love to share with the audience. I think the fundamental might have remained the same consumer insights. But i think ninety percent of marketing has changed over the last five or six years at least start but especially if The rules that used to be through earlier in the older advertising world by consumers you know sorta forced to watch adler television. What's the story that they making the choice on the phone across. That shouldn't a huge. I'll just simply say that you a lot of the fundamentals from the oil world. Don't hold two today. that's one big big change. I do something and bruijn. Who used to be at a group at who will right the books. She's it does marketing advertising complex in the world. the sort of invisible mafia who's created this that you need to do this with this celebrity to get the because those are the days of television. You had pepsico kind of big brands doing certain things and people assuming that media spence ultimate that content also works that is next week drew and especially today with commons marketing efficiency of media. So high that you have to create genuine content otherwise the marketing communication doesn't have any relying on the media that you are investing. I think that's what happened just signed. Thanks for making. This has been fun. Thank you talking to you. Also like i said. I've been looking for your marketing on then. Chose and the top two podcast. Listen to so it's great to be here but cillizza say that means a timeslot say hey that was a conversation with saiga niche bryan marketing at india's most loved millions commerce app. Dunn's oh thank you for joining us. And if you like what you've heard don't forget to subscribe to us with available on spotify gusts and all major part gus. Nick looks under nextstep resort. This is me and cautious petition signing up for the great indian marketing show..

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