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Our life expectancy is now kind of rivals Cuba. And that's not. That's not not a good thing and people people blame or immediately. Think well people are dying sooner and it's not that people are living longer. It's there's more deaths unnatural deaths between the ages of twenty five and sixty than ever before they're largely alcohol opioids and also suicide which is which has skyrocketed. I and I wonder how much of it is. We're going to find is a combination of income inequality incredible frustration anxiety because of For the first time in our nation's history thirty year old is not doing as well as his parents. And what I've discovered 'cause I coach a lot of young men is that it's hard on the parents as it is on the kids when the kids aren't doing well and I think the shame shame people are feeling the embarrassment and also not only income inequality ability. But this kind of this gestalt we have in our society now where everyone's convinced that because we're talk or see because you're constantly having success thrown in your face that if you aren't successful if you aren't part of Google instagram economy. It's your fault you fucked up so I think there's so much shame there's so much frustration. There's so much inequality leads to that leads to these depths of despair and the question I would ask at the next presidential debate is what are you going to do. ooh Stop to reverse. The life expectancy to climb. There's was the point of all of this town. Hope we don't anyway. So my my losses again. I think we continue to study the wrong test. I think these depths of despair and the amount of anxiety in pain at from loneliness from shame from economic anxiety is is such a such a failure of our society. It means that we as a society means whatever this is. This experiment is no longer working as well as it used to user. We should use US aware of them. A friend of mine was an artist and she did. She put a heat Camera on the Golden Gate Bridge to show how many more suicides or happening than people thought there at the Golden Gate Bridge was an art installation and she thought we should have a national suicide number so that people rather than You know any of the other numbers we use to decide. What successes assesses? I thought that was a really interesting. It was many many years ago it was interesting but I think you're a hundred percent right. I'm going to have to cut you off unfortunately and make you feel despairing but What is your prediction? You're very quick. Prediction may be spending this time of year to make us feel better about our despairing. Lives where what is your prediction. This week Scott Galloway Elway. Twitter goes below twenty five bucks a share an active steps in. Okay all right. What activism don't have dual stock as I wrote about? That's right so that is that is a ripe that they they've been around the basket before I've I've heard from lots of these people A couple of media platform platform. That's trading at a old media like multiple. You've got to see who's the CEO of another company is deciding to go hang out in Africa for three months and you have a platform from that has become a national iconic means of communication governing. Because we have a very strange president this is just incredibly ripe for an active assist. Twenty twenty twenty. Look for Dan low but Janet partners look for an activist low but various twitter interesting interesting all right Scott. That's a really good prediction. Only you veer from being crazy being so wise. It's really you're like the wise men you know what I mean like signed China but in any case It's time for us to go. We'll be back later this week to talk more about this for another episode also tweeted us at Hashtag pivot. podcast an the email said pivot at vox media DOT COM Scott. This has been an exciting two times a week. Daddy needs a new parents. Come on twice so week the credits get US Outta here. Scott credits in front of me. I was produced by Rebecca Synon- as Eric Anderson's pivots executive producer thanks to Rebecca Castro Andrew Burrows. Make sure subscribe to the show on Apple. podcast if you like our show please recommended to a friend. Thanks for listening the pivot from Vox media. We'll be back this week for another breakdown of all things tech and business..

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