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In Agoura hills. And at seventy two in downtown, Los Angeles, it's four eighteen remember this guy a man who became known as the dine and dash data for walking out on checks on first states with women at local restaurants has pleaded no contest to a handful of misdemeanor. Charges bargains. Ali's was then sentenced to one hundred twenty days in jail and three years probation. He had originally been trying to felony counts of extortion. But those charges were thrown out officials say people who live in the Wolsey fire area should be ready for possible, mud and debris flow as well. As rockslides during this rainstorm that's moving in L A county. Fire captain, Tony and Brenda tells KNX exit people can pick up sandbags at fire stations in the area where firefighters will explain how where and how to place them sandbags are not to be used as a damn. Some people should understand the sandbags are really used as as a method of diverting water that you're not gonna have any success. If your strategy is to try to dam water with those sandbags really designed for the processes designed for diversion of water inbred this people should avoid driving in the area during the storm unless they have to he also says people should be ready to evacuate. If they are told to leave the rain is supposed to start tomorrow afternoon up to a half inch could fall, but the hills could get more ahead of that rain county officials don't want residents in the ballsy fire burn area horse still under evacuation to return to their homes. There are several reasons why they're discouraging repopulation in those areas for one they're still trying to get infrastructure back in place such as electric city water and sewer and some roads remain unsafe. Mark Estrella is the director of L A county public works. We're expecting are expecting a mild storm, but we want to be aware we do expect rockfall in these areas, and we so we expected to be hazardous driving conditions. LA county fire chief, Daryl ambi-. Is the department works is working as relates to keep her a basements, clear and payrolls for our roads. We have our burn assessment teams. Sure that we're doing all that we can as far as Daikin to keep those things clear, he says, they're cognizant of the fact that more people died in the mud flow that followed the Thomas fire. So they're doing all they can to prevent a similar tragedy in downtown LA. Margaret, caro- KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. It's four twenty and with a live look at your money. Here's Adrienne Mitchell. Diana, Brian, we've seen plenty of bad days lately on Wall Street, but this one actually is a standout the Dow down five hundred fifty one points, the NASDAQ down one hundred nineteen and the s&p down forty eight trade worries persist in apple continues to lead tech stocks lower. Now oil is in the mix falling almost seven percent to around fifty three dollars a barrel, retail stocks. Also took a hit led by targeted Kohl's. The nation's legal cannabis market is about to get bigger. New Jersey is poised to lift a major roadblock to legalizing recreational marijuana a committee vote this month is expected to clear the way for approval by New Jersey lawmakers in December. Northern exposure is coming back to CBS reports say the reboot of the nine hundred ninety series from universal TV with original star. Rob morrow? We'll see Dr Joel Fleischman returned to Alaska and includes some old characters and some new ones coast, Dr John Corbett, said producer. But he won't be in the cast and co creators, Joshua grand and John falsely are writing and executive producing recapping Wall Street the Dow.

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