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Podcast series available October 4th on all podcast platforms. It's a 28. Traffic and weather on the 8s, back to Jack now in the traffic center. All right, we still have our slowdown in Virginia as you get out of front royal going 66 east toward Gainesville are trouble is riding into Della plane right there at exit 23 stay far right past this crash, 66 east, had near the Prince William Parkway the assumption now that big block of wood that was along the left side of the roadway has cleared eastbound again heavy in manassas, then leaving Centreville, passing the fairfax county Parkway, off and on, heading toward one 23 and nutley. Hoping someone is there directing. George Washington boulevard down a bashford lane. We had flashing signals red in all directions. Our record caused a little bit of a delayed writing 28 going northbound before westfield's boulevard. There was an earlier crash that was moved over onto the shoulder that delay has eased, so you're looking much better in the area right now. We also had a little slower traffic to deal with on 95 northbound in woodbridge. Then again, we'd had a little bit of a slowdown moving through lorton towards Springfield. It's the delay, basically from newington through the Springfield interchange, getting onto the inner loop. There was a wreck after the Robinson terminal on the right shoulder. Three 95s pretty solid the entire ride up to king street, then you'll slow again near glebe to an across the inbound 14th street bridge. There have been reports about a crash on the freeway east near main avenue. D dot says that Rex gone. All right, you're going to find we've got some slowdowns in the district, riding across the freeway from the 11th street bridge toward Virginia, north I two 95, expect slowdowns at ox and cove then. As you leave Malcolm X avenue toward the 11th, D.C. two 95 slows out of Maryland, leaving 50 west and the south BW Parkway down to a point midway between east capitol street and Pennsylvania avenue and then you'll slow to go in on the 11th to read bridge. We'd had a report of a late trouble spot in Maryland, south of town, the delay near saint Barnabas road, heads down toward the Wilson bridge. You're going to find the inner loop local lanes. We'd had reports of a crash. Topside outer loop is going to slow from 95 over to Georgia avenue, slowing on two 70s in Germantown. Then again, moving through Rockville toward the lane divide. Jack Taylor, WTO P traffic, and our forecast here with Chad Merrill. Enjoy the bountiful sunshine this morning into the afternoon with temperatures in the upper 60s, clear skies tonight temperatures

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