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Of course not CPAP complete without the Superman of Ohio. He's in the car. Rolled road lay all right. Where should we begin with this thing? Start I just WanNa say if you ha- if you're curious saga nearly Over on Krypton reports we did a look back at all the films and did our mini review breakdowns and discuss the story of all fifteen films leading up to this. So if you're kinda curious about some of the details it's a great. Two part episodes ago back listened so just curious all those fifteen connect like integrated like a like a unified DC animated universe. They're all in this continuity that this one was wrapping up. Start with the there. Are Some Justice League ones is couple this teen titans wines? The Justice League dark movie was in there but we just let me just say maybe. Dc should have made more of a point of that for people just like for for for people who aren't hardcore. Casey fans like say the people who aren't ultra hardcourt. Dc Fans like Charlie. Maybe they would bring more people to the table. I could've gotten a several other rentals out of me. It's an oboe immature. You Watch this. I mean they should have marketed. It like vendors endgame which is Kinda reminded. Me Of. This should have been like the story that wraps up the fifteen part saga. You know what I would have expected. That's what I would have expected and not expected we the last one. Let's just actually technically material that could change this story. They don't know what they're gonNA put it out just so I wondered because like during there's little threads that never pay off but then they made a big deal out a wonder woman bloodline and they left post credit. See Things Open on that film for more DOT COM? You know Donna Troy never. She was teased at the end of Jews contract and never got to do anything AM BUSINESS. Came very abruptly. Alright Alright Alright. Loaf in tyler you think. Are they going to start a new series of continuity movies or are they just going to.

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