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Oversensitive Brian Baldinger and company Cold's got stopped JAG. So now Philip Rivers and company will started their 22 moving left to right, Jonathan Taylor of alone running back and he's got the call sweep on the left side of the 25 carries his tackler all the way past the marker to get the first down in one more. Up to the 33 Yard line Rookie from Wisconsin 84 yards coming into this game needed for 1000 and Brian. He's off to a good start, right right behind the new left tackle Jared Bell during that time, who got the outside linebacker? Look Amon Chase on down on the ground, and it got Taylor into the alley. And he just carried Wilson for that first and trips to the right to receivers top left for rivers. Empty backfield works out of the gun and back to throw sense. It upfield. Little miscommunication there tried to Damn it and asked him doing one of his wide receivers that passing complete. It'll be second down and fend this 10. This is Philip Rivers 244th game in the National Football League. Is 240th consecutive start. Brett Fav, of course, has the most to 97. But Brian This'll Guy has been durable. He plays hurt, and that's why he's been around a long time. Well, he's got that durable genes, Bill. I mean, it's just there's really no answer for why he just can't keep lining up and delay. Here's Taylor cuts left at the 40 and off to the races. 50 far sideline 41 man trying to catch him at the 20. Any forces him out of bounds along the far sideline inside the 10 yard line. They're gonna market of the sixth. Jonathan Taylor just turned it outside left. How about 61 yards? He has a big cut back that time. He's going right? And then he saw the back door open, and then he hit the Jets. Just another gear and clay books just took a good angle to get him out of bounds. But That's what Jonathan Taylor didn't Wisconsin for four years there. The pride of Salem, New Jersey, Bill I mean, not many people from Salem, New Jersey, on his father raised him right and he's gonna be a good pro and he's having a great rookie season and they actually said he went out of bounds of 11. So it's first down and 10. He'll get the call again. Running right bounces off a tackle on down. He goes short game on the product played Christmas. Quite. Brooks actually saved the touchdown over 27. Starting right corner isn't on the tackle their game down to the eight yard line. Pick up a three, so it'll be second down on seven yards to go. Colts Nothing. Jaguars Nothing. Clock is ticking. We're early in the first quarter with 11 16 to go in it. Michael Pittman is back in the lineup. He's was on IR for about three games, and he's listed as a wide receiver. He's out far side left on second down in 10 rivers out of it. Got hands it off. Taylor trying to cut back left, and they got him stopped at the six yard line. Two more tough yards and that'll set up a third down and five You mentioned Michael Pittman. You know, in the second round, they have a first round pick with because they gave it up for the forest Buckner. In the second round. They picked up Michael Pittman Jr. And Jonathan Taylor. People question why draft John Taylor? They had Marlon Mack, who's coming off the 1000 yard season and thank goodness they did Marley back her earlier this year. Jonathan Taylor got kind of a slow start, but well, he's really come on here in the second half of the season on Mac Tourist Achilles in the opener against Jacksonville and Taylor is taking over hasn't been a smooth ride for him. But he's been on a group lately. Third down and 57 back to throw rivers tosses near the goal line caught See why help Touchdown colts. Hey, jammed between two defenders in the number 13 6 yards striking the culture on the board. Well, that was some drive by the Colts. I mean, just one positive play after another, but the Y Hilton It's just so experienced. He saw the opening in the zone that you talked about Bill between two defenders and Philip Rivers. Put it right on just a stick Throw And Philip Rivers still looks like he just pushes that ball, but he pushed it really fast. T y Hilton Rodrigo's Blankinship on to try the extra point. Former Georgia Bulldog snap kick is on the way and inside the left up right and good. Nice drive for the Colts as they marched downfield. So we've got 10 16 to go in the first quarter. Our.

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