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Help you send some messages to get whatever you want accomplished. And right now will is on the phone, and what he wants accomplished is for his mom to stop being so horny when she comes. Mom comes visit him from time to time. And she brings her new boyfriend. The guy's name is Rodrigo. And I guess every time she's come to visit. They've been a little loud at night. And will wants to ask her to keep it down because she's coming to visit this weekend. So she sent a text to his mom, and it said, I'm really excited for you. And Rodrigue go to visit. But I have sort of a weird question. And I don't know how to ask you. We're just trying to get him started and ease into the conversation of asking his mom to not be so loud in the bedroom. Will has she responded yet? Yeah. She responded you sound so defeated already have the entire time. Well, but what did she say? She said, hey, sweetie. We can't wait don't worry about weird I wiped your, but nothing that typical. Okay. What's coming? So at least now you've got it out of the way that you have a weird question to ask. So now, I think it's time for you to tell your mom to keep it down. No, you don't just rip the band aid off because you don't wanna make it awkward. I know that we've started off with like a weird request. Is there any way you could paint it as like we just had visitors over, and you won't believe what I heard coming from the other room. Sure that that doesn't happen when you're here. Way to go. Why are you sitting there listening to them thinking about your mom? I will say I like we were going where when it's like, a the walls are very thin. Maybe not now. But that's a good way to say. You guys are just trying not to put the blame on her. Yeah. She's doing. The blame is on her. And he's the civically wants to ask her not to do it. I hate being passive aggressive. But I think that this is one situation where it calls for it. We've always been you know, kinda straight to the point. So maybe just get to the point on this matter. What you say, let's at least start out with. Okay, we're all adults here or something. No, you're never an adult to your mom art ever. She was just talking about wiping his. But I'm just what you say is I'm really happy for you and your relationship, you turn it into a positive spin. But I don't need to know everything about it. If you know what I mean that opens up to a lot of back and forth. I like that though. I'm really happy about your relationship. But can I be honest last time, you guys were here, you were very loud in the bedroom at night, and we could hear you know, you don't need to put at night. They she knows. Idiot. What do you think? Well, I just want to make this as quick as possible. I don't want him to be Texan about this. I'll be going back and forth like hinting at it. And then it's like fifty later, and you're like, okay stop. So why don't you just try that be like, hey, I'm really glad that you're happy. But the last couple of times you've been here, you are kinda allowed in the bedroom. So if you could maybe aware of that cool that sounds good. Just the last time you were here, you were very loud in the bedroom. And we can hear you. So could you please not do that? When you've. Maybe could you please be aware of that sounds nice? Good emoji. We can put with this. I don't think there is an emoji like an eggplant. Just say, I'm so sorry. If this embarrasses you. Okay. Could you not do that? When you need is it, so so they doing okay. Yeah. Okay. I mean, I think it's good like you said, you don't wanna go back and forth. So we'll see what she says. Chill about this. He just asked us not to have sex with her boyfriend. Freaking out over here. This conversation is my nightmare. The worst Texas ever been set. And where responsible? Hey, guys. She she responded that was quick questions. Is it just a fire? She said, oh, my how embarrassing so. Sorry, sweetie. Oh god..

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