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And don't forget to like us on facebook for a long time many believed that being sentenced to crimes tillman the guilty would be released in a short amount tom but then change along with other cases on january twenty of two thousand eighteen many people were sentenced to terms of one hundred forty years in prison for kidnapping and murder the green party proposed a modified the law to punish with a maximum penalty of water in forty years to kidnappers and today that law has been approved and is in use green party complying is their mission is to to show propaganda of the green party prd left today we are the left that identifies with young people with conviction in what we believe because when they say inequality we demand equality when they say hierarchy we support equality where they won control we say respect for diversity and when there are abuses we demand our rights those of everyone without distinction these are causes this is the attitude we live with today is our time and we are sure of one thing we are today's left behind me monitors any estimates tuition at the money he's properly at the contenders for the dow spending cap previouslydefined pretty to guaranteed equity the complaints are kim's team by the any who investigates them incentive for the resolution to the electoral court of the federal judicial power according to the law the iin these things sins in case there finds irregularities both in the complaints as well as in the control the dissatisfied you can go to the port which will solve the issue definitively free vote i any knowing exercising your political rights is a fundamental part of the streets democracy the electoral justice court works to guarantee that the rights of the voters and the candidates are respected remember in the court there's electoral justice based on constitutional principles resolving controversy submitted by political parties organizations and citizens that way sure democracy in their state electoral justice court about the state of baja california mexico fight mexico speak out and mexico needs you you know of of the same old privileged enough of the same told wrapped lighters do you know their patience his old enough they want an end to the violent everyone pay attention the ball with his here the time of the movement has called orange movement the future is in your forged movement citizen booth lift citizen movement and he is the.

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