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You are listening to Arizona's morning news. The final numbers are in. And those numbers are astounding the amount of snow and rain, we got even has meteorologist stunned. That's our top story at seven thirty. And here's Jamie west. We are going to start warming up after a record shattering storm. The bury the high country with feta snow even a few inches of powder in the north valley. KTAR Jim cross is live begins. Our team coverage Jamie the mountains surrounding the valley including four peaks Snowcap for now. But warmer temperatures on the way people were building snowmen in the north valley on Friday flagstaff at forty one inches of snow out of the storm. Most of the valley picked up a lot of rain state university. Climatologists Randy survey says I state this is just what we need it since October. We've got over eight inches of rain so far where normally we would only have about three and a half. So we are doing very well this El Nino winter, man. Wants his powerful storm clear out of Arizona and New Mexico moved on and just hammered the midwest with snow and ice after days of highs in the forties and fifties we finally get back into the seventy s tomorrow. That's our normal place to be here late February live on this. Jim cross KTAR news record. Breaking storm has put the state snow pack it almost twenty five percent above average and almost five hundred percent above last year. At this time. Travis coaling has lived in Arizona for eleven years and my time in Arizona. No, I have not seen this big of an event. It's pretty impressive. The water supply specialists with the snow survey says the winter blast did not and Arizona's drought, but it did boost water supplies calling hopes. The snowpack doesn't melt too fast. We'd like to stay cold throughout and even get some more snow throughout March to help with that snow pack and just prolong the stream flow through the spring and prevent flooding. Peter say more KTAR news. Of course, all this moisture is making Zona look green. But we'll tell you about a different kind of green green with envy. Coming up in just a few minutes..

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