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Generation of workaholics it is unbelievable. She says, millennials don't realize skipping out a lunch breaks could actually hurt their work performance. Important this break, it's not just important for you know they need to eat. It's also important for them to give their brain arrests millennials need to set boundaries for themselves because otherwise they're going to burn out or NewsRadio some forty KTAR h. Perhaps some of this, because children no longer allowed to be ordinary. They're being raised to be exceptional, whether it's in sports academics extracurricular, activities, and apparently, even on the job in today's society kids are told they're great and amazing. But it's grooming them to think if there are any less, they're worthless child psychologist. Dr island Kennedy Moore says we need to move in a different direction, not boost children's self esteem. Turn down the volume on so focus and self judgment by connecting with something bigger than themselves. She says, kids need to get quiet ego. Audrey Morton, NewsRadio seven forty K each. Meantime, another sign of our times discount, airfares, cheap, Airbnb, and everybody wanting at grabbing selfie leading to some unbelievable overcrowding at the world's most popular and certainly remote tourist attractions, Nepal, being criticized, even by the sherpas for authorising too many mountain climbing permits this year. It has become a death-ray there, because there was massive traffic, jam and people are pushing themselves were not even able up doing it. They do it. They try to summit and they instead of something they.

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