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Fourteen forty one or stop by location on willamette drive in west linn this is martin golden the district director of the portland district office of the us small business administration if you need help starting or growing a business please visit us in person or at www dot sba dot gov gop slash or you're listening to am fourteen ten k b n p the money station are you thinking about buying medicine online a search for online pharmacies yields more than twenty million results but which ones can you trust medicines bought from unlicensed online pharmacies can be dangerous you may get a fake drug your condition may get worse or you may experience a bad reaction don't put your health at risk to learn how to find an online pharmacy that's safe and legal visit fda dot gov slash beef rx a message from the us food and drug administration titans with the movies they know the best way to travel is safely hollywood here we to keep your child safe be sure to use the right carseat for their age and size finally on the big screen for more information on finding the right seat visit nhtsa dot gov slash rates that's a wise move by the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council global news twenty four hours a day at bloomberg dot com the bloomberg business app and tick tock on twitter this is a.

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