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A whisper for four months. Oh shit no i. what's going on. I really thought working don't work very young. So medical examiner's. The boy was still under some kind of hypnotic trance which did not permit him to talk like am as loud as he wants. Had nassar remain essentially mute until the trans broke months later. That's fucking just. That's just a weird one. In general that is on that's really odd as slap them until he fucking shouts man back like freaking so young man called upon the woman he liked to ask for her hand in marriage but he was turned down enraged. This man shot her three times and then turn the gun on himself. Another man attacked and killed his wife and her family following their divorce. So this is a bunch of bidder. Men that have micro penis is in. Can't deal with it. I'm this place is so much trauma and tear in one small place even a lot. Smaller net released the document The documentary about the hotel. Which we mean billy did cover. It's a good episode of the guys who are go back. Yeah you should watch it. It's more or less about at lisa. Lamb the membership. That went missing found in the fucking god. I was debating if we should dive deeper in that. I think we covered it well enough on the hotel but shut it. You should check it out because it does go in the details and the footage is extremely creepy of her. Yeah go back if you guys are episode on. It's good shit all this weird stuff just so crazy. How much fucking weird shit is happening in this goddamn town so so around the same time all these fucking angry killing their wives and in there the woman that they like for some reason. It's like you don't want to you know you'd like you'd fucking called a girl a bitch and like greedy because you really liked or you're mean to her. I guess that would be more like four. We liked polar ponytail. Your back you see i remember. I remember having a crush on this girl in like grade. Five or six. I just kept giving her the finger through the books at the library in the library in the school. I for some reason seeing the finger not even not even teasing. Don't fucking look at me. It's like i actually like though this girl would've been so fucking terrified probably was so i was probably a little fuck man back then so around the same time won't back then ask for shit your lunatic teen bride to be jesus was at after her fiance left her so she she was about to be a bride. She was a teenager her husband or fiance left her. They're crazy and she went fucking nuts and eventually she took her own life similar to a fifty year old man who hung himself prior to signing his. Having to sign divorce papers. So we saw we like. He's like he's like tonight. I'm going to fuck kill myself. I can't live without this could what you want. Are you happy done. I'm saying. I hope you fucking smile. People are vindictive man like that is crazy. 'cause like people from the perspective of getting your heart broken like i get it. I get you think that that's going to ruin their life. You want to do it but like you're hurting yourself way more. I know way more than what you on that one that one episode never make feel like someone should stay. They've never force someone. Never was that word you use but like never never pressure someone to stay. I'm going to kill myself if you google. Oh shit you remember that. No because i'm like dude. You're literally just making life hell for both of you. You're living with a girl that doesn't love you. And i won't be that so i definitely did that when i was like thirteen. So you point. Like i definitely thought about getting to that point like there's been there's been times you have are sometimes a fucking crushes you. That last one was fucking like those. I have nothing to live for year. Last last break-up shitty one but yeah that's that's the that's the phone inside it doesn't matter you gotta look past that and that's so hard to see in the moment because there's so much better they're much better at one point So as break could be like a death if me and chelsea broke up. It's like winter for so long and you become so used to being around that person of cash and then once you break up and you're not supposed to ten. We see each other most breakup. Don't end in friendships. That just happens most times. It's never been ships. I fucking hate that. I'm still friends with my exes. And i'm like fuck that super fuck da. Those are girls that are horse. You know the but like that. In general it is an. I've done it myself. Like i met girls do that. I try to break up mike. I'm pregnant and they're like no. No almost was though i we had sex. I don't know i come in. I thought i wasn't gonna bleed but it could still be pregnant so the naked body of a housewife was found on the side of the road. Approximately six miles from the town like how they say housewife and not just. I had to be a housewife. Feel like remember. She didn't have a joke. But i feel like it was no like well. Yeah job was the fucking. Do the dishes the early nineteen hundreds nineteen. Actually okay. eighteen thousand nine hundred ninety. Nine thousand. Not not many your. Yeah so so. Make it body of this woman. This housewife was was found six miles from the town. Having recently lost a child. It was believed that mrs ira comes wandered away from home in a fit of delirium and froze to death only faulk. Oh she scary. The authorities believe she may have starved prior to coming to the elements freezing to death. Must be fucking horrible whereas like everyone knows. Actually you're canadian. Like you know those days where you took a walk and you didn't dress quite right and even i took. This has been the coldest week in canada thus far today it's bad it's not even that bad it's not that the year and it's still like holy fuck because i'm not used to it again like you come outside like i took my dog for a walk. We must've been outside for twenty twenty five minutes. I came home and hood and feel my fucking fingers or toes. My nose running my nose hurt. I know scabby old. We have bay doors at work. And just like mike taking off my coat. And then i got to put it back on like doing deliveries and.

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