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The Stanley Cup playoffs on Lightning radio Grated point is just by Nathan MacKinnon for the league lead in goals in the playoffs. He has his seventh from turnout at 14 24. Based off coming to the left of Vasilevskiy. Yes and lightning. They've had some real good opportunities. In this game. There's no doubt about that. Carolina's had a few as well. Here's a draw to the left of vascular. Yes, they have. Lighting had some turnovers on that Last shift Harlequins the drug cleanly Pesci at the right circle. CenterPoint Fost shoots blocked Rebound bounces to David Savard of the far corner. He's trying to emerge with the fucking script by Martin Right corner centering pass blocked by sluggish Martin look again Left corner Left point. Jake Bean. And rips it behind the lightning. It is going to pinball to Killorn in the far corner. He wins it, He scoots behind the lightning. Daddy's looking for room to exit. Launch it into the neutral zone. Stamp goes, picks it up Spence for circuit across a speech nearly stolen, But Savard grabs across his Pizzarelli across the Carolina line. Love Circle. Corelli Forces it behind the Carolina net. Stamkos couldn't get a stick on it. Brock McGinn will and McGinn bounces it out to the neutral zone route. Is there back for cerulean, the left wing at the end of a shift? Pounded in four or five left in the first one to nothing. Lightning Jake Bean behind the Carolina goal. All right side feed Pesci steps to the Red Line sweeps it in. Like a safer rueda in the near corner under pressure pocket of steel that point X Slaven Right point, Dougie Hamilton Centre point geeky shoots a wide, right Rebound tracked by pocket. This fourth line has done well tonight for Carolina. Right point, Hamilton Lapointe. Just leave it a little center. Eight. FT. Knocked away by Victor Hedman and Pinball Stir Johnson. Johnson flips it out to center ice, but he missed Ross Colton. It's going to be an icing. Have an ambitious past. There now the lightning their fourth line stuck out there and rod random or is going to make a change and send out the Yahoo unit. 3 32 left in the first one other lightning, I'm sure just like the other one when Carolina got their fourth line stuck out points. Lying came out, one to face up had an opportunity. Draw between Johnson and a hoe to the rate of Vasilevskiy and it's one by the Hurricane Che CenterPoint terrified and Teravainen. Passage to hold behind the considering pass knocked away by maroon right wing root and needing a clear here will provide it will bounce it to the Carolina line. The Lightning getting a partial change. Shea reverses for Hockett pop. Special cough dumps it in. Victor Hedman calls it out. It's back in the Carolina defensive, self shake Left wing Teravainen loses it. It's taken away by Eric Turn acting the lighting it McDonough, short feet, abraded point For turn back. Steps to the red Line and whistles it in. Off the carom. It's going to be played by Brady Shave on the Carolina net around the near boards fetch the cop touches that to center. McDonough reverses it for turn AC golf it back in and it comes right to plot Love Circle High slot Putra Unless they're going to point cuts in front got hooked penalty coming up. Well, that was not a bad penalty to take for stretching. The cops saved a chance for Elaine, You're going to take a power play for the second time in the game. That is, the thing is that Could drop made this little quick past the point, which was successfully penalty number 37 2 minutes for hooking, But the truth is, he should have shot at because point was going for the rebound, too. Yeah, Face off will be to the right of Morass IQ Lightning had some looks on their first power play. Two shots on that. Officially, Cirelli installed the rate of more acidic. And it draws one by the lightning. Good job by Sara Lee. With help from Hedman CenterPoint shot Blocker down. Marasek Stamkos left circles touches for Sara Lee left corner. This process could drive right corner. Come on, Gucci slides all the way back to the late again. I mean, he didn't even look. Missed the guys by 20 FT Minute 40 and the penalty, Hedman drops it upgraded point of the lighting end one other Tampa Bay in the first point up the middle of center. Boston Blind for Killorn Right circle back for point right circle under pressure passed by the Nets mauled by a ho We'll clear it. Hedman has to hurry down the ice because NHS is down there. That's Levski is going to leave it for Hedman. 1 20 left in the penalty. Hedman works the breaking point at center ice across the line. Nice feet of stamp goes. He's got room in the left circle. Your sister Hedman, top of the left Circle Circle Stamp. Ghosts try to go back to Hedman of Carolina Stick in the way Pesci's that deflects down the ice. Have done a good job on this penalty killed so far. Let me get the other unit out there. The.

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