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So this is pork barreling I don't care that there is no infrastructure building related to it it is still pork barreling it's putting unrelated legislation into a bill in order to entice people who would otherwise vote against the substance which is the national defense authorization act unless you put this sweetener and and we are so far twenty two trillion dollars and running in a national debt we cannot afford to these little Gimmes in order to get me a vote so let's talk for just a moment about the federal deficit for the year this budget that was just passed on a voice vote yeah fine we're all getting out of town this budget contains a one point four trillion with A. T. what we say that one more time a one point four trillion dollar deficit and just for emphasis it is a one point four trillion dollar deficit and while you're digesting that number before we even talk about how to pay for it let's go pay for a little air time with a quick commercial break balance of nature changing the world one life at a time I have to tell you I am not having any stomach issues anymore I am not having any pain in my arthritis in my knees and in my lower back and is also helps with my skin I always had dry again on on my legs always even as a child not drastic but I notice it's just not that dry and scaly anymore but I just feel like having this prison veggies in the fiber in my system it has helped a lot and I think it's even and this just seems crazy but I know my mental health has improved and it seemed like it was a gradual thing is just making sitting and my husband he's still in the notice to the other just used and he notices when he's reaching back in the chair at night when he's lane and watching TV that is back if not he doesn't have that pain is much anymore I hear these women and these men on the radio talk about it and I just feel like yeah I believe them that's me and I believe everything that they say your commercials are not stage they're real people talking about their real problems that you help them last I know that.

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