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Sounds very interesting to me, especially with somebody like Dexter Fletcher behind the camera who I don't know about you guys. But I really love Eddie the eagle. I think it's a really a fun underdogs worth movie like that often doesn't really get made much anymore. And I think that he really brought some some flair to it and vibrancy to that story. And so I think him doing something like rocket man is really exciting. Yeah. You've sold me who was moving up to the middle. My only worry with FM. Is you see in the trailer like that moment where the people in the in the concert are like floating in the air. Is it the people in the concert of people on stage? I'm now forgetting it's one of the two people in the concert, and they're they're. Yeah. They're around the level of the stage. I'm wondering how much the movie is going to be that kind of wonderful fantasy and I feel like that's going to be like one of two moments. But but I want to see this, right? Everybody agree. There are final three should come. From. The middle section is anything else. We think it should be added to the section. One movie I want to mention, but I'm not sure it deserves to be in. Our middle section is missing link. Just because it's from Waco innovation studios. I don't feel like like has made anything that's like been best to the year yet. You know, unlike Pixar, Disney or the other integration, okay? Think is I haven't seen Kubo yet. Oh, I know. It's shave. Shave. It's on my watch less. But I I like don't think like that top anybody's top ten like it was in their top ten boy there's been movies from Disney movies from DreamWorks movies from Pixar, maybe not elimination. But those those other studios that have like been the best film of the year, according to people, and I feel like like everybody seems to like their movies. They loved Kubo, but it has never reached like the best of the year, which which I'm not saying doesn't make back then on pass dot com. It would've topped my top ten probably it would have been your number one. Well, that's what I mean by here. Top ten. Number five or six slot. I was pretty warm on it on my list. But, but I feel like this one doesn't look as exciting as you know, Kubo or paranoia remaining or their other stuff like the story here out of its bad trailer. But the trend is initially needs a bad movie. You know, but trailer definitely be little deflated. But I have the fame reaction to as a big Laker fan. I don't think they've made a bad movie yet. And yet this trailer did not kind of the outfield the opposite. I think leaned too far heavily into Zakout innocuous, his comedy antics, and I was just not really feeling the overall movie, but I wonder if Travis Knight is kind of the. Gonna make the comparison to John Lasseter. But that's the feels wrong. Sake of that studio and him not being there, you know, being away doing Bumblebee may. I'm wondering if it has any effect on this film. Yeah, we we gave it its due credit by talking about it here. But it should make the list fair enough. All right. I'm going to lead this bottomless lets anybody else wants to jump in right now in Cape or something. I don't have anything that that I think would fit, but I just want to give a quick shout out to two things that are getting ready to disappear and that is a movie called the kitchen, which is from director. Andrea Birla who I think this is her first movie, she's the writer of strata, the content and the movie sounds really interesting. It's the wives of New York. Gangsters and hell's kitchen in the nineteen seventies continued to operate their husbands rackets after they're locked up in prison. And it sounds sort of like widows, and it has the cast includes Melissa McCarthy and Tiffany haddish Donald Gleason, Elizabeth moss common, James badge, Dale, Margo Martindale. I mean, it sounds like a really like interesting cool movie. I wasn't as crazy about what does as a lot of ever. Pretty much everybody else was especially Chris. But this sounds like something with a similar premise that might you know, be able to fill that hole for me. So that was one that's called the kitchen..

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