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Obviously like looking at the numbers yes the sales are up fifteen percent budding terms of in terms of revenue they're all yup i think two percent yeah and that suggests that apple a sold a lot of cheaper ipads so the new once starting at the three hundred twenty nine dollars so the the the ipad to the i think the fief generation i buy this called that launched earlier this year and we were talking a back when that i puddles announced we said it's obviously an appetite for education purposes and for people who just want the basic tablet eight seems does exactly what happened that apple sold a bunch of these i puts to indication customers are also the temperature the during the called him cook noted that the education serves were app so suggest that i that is doing well it and that segment and of course the apple saw demand for people want to spend three hundred dollars on an ipad don one and i put pro don onestop like the pencil and does markeith loyd so they went there and they sold those i pets so while it's great that i put sales are up again there i think they're not upping the way that people like mike can i liked him to be up so in terms of abbott pro and you know people switching from windows pc end macs to the ipad as a fulltime computer but i think it has momentum like the platform as momentum at this point there's a there's a new narrative that i put sales can be up and there's a new i put pro hardware launched in june really powerful stuff you know with the promotion display widow with a pencil performance with a new screens the new screen size and there's us eleven lunching later this year so i think.

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