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Businesses list that the governor has provided. It's it's bizarre. I mean basically if if you're affiliated with a union in any kind of shape or form great you're doing great right if you work with government great. You're doing wonderful but I think what would be practical to me is Some kind of an order that says if you have a retail establishment and you can basically service your customer base as a takeout restaurant does so they don't even have to come inside you. Just carry the product out and boom there. It is that that would take us a long way to at least getting started again. And I think that's also very reasonable alternative. Because I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt when they started to make the decisions to close down so many businesses they did not. Hasley see all the ramifications coming that they are encountering and and I think that's the nature of government in a way that by and large they are people who have never worked in business so they obviously don't see the the full reach what it is that they're doing and that's not to say that they didn't have a lot to consider. Obviously you know with Corona virus and everything else is just that like so many of us you make decisions and there are a ripple effects that you could not contemplate. That's all in terms of the state of the world right now. Have you been inspired by by? What's going on to write stories? Obviously you know when nine eleven happened. There was very famous spiderman issue. That came out. I think it was J. Michael Stravinsky might be butchering that. But they're released an issue shortly after. What are what is it Kinda? Like for the creators right now of being in this uncertain time is changing some of the stories you have in your head or maybe creating new ones that you're going to bring forward in the next couple of months. It probably will more as we get past part of it is. We're in the middle of it right so when nine eleven happened that was an event that happened in as of the towers and the Pentagon themselves that happened a very finite period of time and after that it became about cleanup and recovery. And how do we deal with it and and that sort of thing? This is much more an ongoing situation that we don't have a handle on yet. I if someone were to say to me right now how do you make a story out of the Corona Virus? I don't know where I would start because as as it's something that isn't done yet. I haven't formulated my own complete thoughts on it yet. I feel like I don't have perspective. So that being the case man. I just don't know where I would start for sure. There's GonNa come a day where I might but right now. I don't know what that would be when I think about it. It's like separation loneliness you know just uncertainty. There's there's this kind of panic that just kind of hangs over everything and that very much goes against kind of the Superhero Code. Right like it's It's a very different thing. It's a very unsettling kind of take on the on the world a I'm I'm curious to see what kind of happens to storytelling in general not just comic books but movies and TV shows and everything like that as as we kind of move forward hopefully not long right like I mean. That's the thing you you keep hearing eighteen months and it's like can we even get that far right with being shutdown comic book shops alone of have been struggling even before the Iris right so I'm really worried about when things start like what's still going to be there right? Yeah I I and I think you hit on the key word earlier. Which is uncertainty and you know. In a way superhero stories are all about certainty right. I mean here's the bad guy. Here's the conflict hero goes out and beat and takes care of or he doesn't she doesn't whichever and then there are lessons learned from that something like that but the very nature of stories are that they have a beginning middle of an end and an end and where we are right now and I mean we don't know are we at the beginning or are we at the middle you know. We know we're not end. So that's what we're trying to figure out have you noticed like a surge in in digital downloads or subscriptions to digital companies such as marvel or Was the comic or something like that. It does that it's actually just the opposite because what we've been doing is withholding product on the digital platforms. Because what would happen is. Let's say I'll use my own book as an example so might wing seventy I think shipped two weeks ago maybe three so anybody wants read the next issue night. Wing seventy one. We put it on the digital platform we would we know we will get X. number of downloads and sales but the problem is those are sales that would never end up being realized in print as a physical product from the stores. Who desperately need that. So what we're doing is trying to work with retailers and give him a break by not putting that stuff up on the platform yet. Which for us is. It's hard to because would be instantaneous. Solution to the problem but one that wouldn't serve us well in the long run and I just can't read digital comics as much as I try. I it's not as good as physical. It's not like movies or TV or video games where the digital versions just as good. It's it's just different I I just I just can't do it. Especially when you get a full spread like it's just drives me bonkers. Yeah it does me too and I think that.

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