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The result of a mistake in item value and opportunity a relationship life is a series of decisions many of them binary each one offering potential paths that fate may take us down. Every action has an effect every choice a consequence and sometimes in the rarest of occasions a person is is presented with a life or death choice that will come to define them. That was the case for Senator Ted Kennedy in the summer of Nineteen sixty-nine on Chappaquiddick Island in Massachusetts though the official account of what happened that night is somewhat muddled. The facts are as follows late at night after a party Kennedy set off down Chappaquiddick road in his oldsmobile with him was Mary Jo Kopechne acne a former campaign staffer for the recently assassinated Robert Kennedy. There was an accident. The car hit a barrier and flipped over into the water. Ted Got out and survived but Mary Mary Jo was left trapped in the car. Ted Kennedy did not inform the police about the accident until ten hours later when the car was recovered in Mary. Jo's body was found inside the initial reaction Ocean from the divers was that she hadn't actually drowned she'd suffocated and if Ted Kennedy had called the police immediately she may still be alive today. Welcome to conspiracy theories apar- cast original every Wednesday we dig into the complicated stories behind the world's most controversial events in search for the truth. I'm Carter Roy and I'm only Brandenburg and neither of us are conspiracy theorists but we are open minded skeptical and curious. Don't get US wrong long..

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