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Is. Like, what you hear catch all the bag episodes of the down and dirty radio show on apple podcast and be sure to rate review and subscribe. Welcome back here to the down and dirty radio show, powered by palatis razor. And you know, this is a part of the reason why we're airing this if you're listening live online so Wednesday, if you're listening in national syndication didn't affect you or are on demand. You know, it's it's just whenever we listened to. But push your show back a day because mainly because Spencer lows passing in. I know a lot of people of the tune in. You know, if you're not an offer at circles, you might not know him you've probably seen the truck though back in the eighties. But you might not know the name now, but he was factory Nissan driver for for years. You wrote driven drove that a conic Saint paint scheme that you saw all the factory Nissan cars back in the air. You know, the red white and blue paint scheme. But he's a factory Nissan driver. You know, did I don't know what he clashed seven ASI -ccomplish so much so many victories just a legend a true legend of offroad who's on the manufacturing side of sun. Kind of carried over and started doing some Nissan manufacturing lift kits and stuff like that at one point in time. But. He was a close friend of mine. He lived here in park, not always. But he moved to park. Arizona bought FOX's on the river sold a few years ago, but just a really really close family friend of ours. And. It, you know, it's a tough one, man. I it really really was kinda hit home. And so I wanted to pull out I did an interview I was gonna air it in the national show. One of my first interviews I ever did back in twenty twelve we're talking I think it was February first twenty twelve which was about a month and a half after I started the radio show, and we took two weeks off for Christmas or something, but I did a live show casino. And it's funny because I haven't listened to those shows in a long time and. I was just kind of figuring things out as a radio interviewer and a radio host. It was live in an event. He had all the background noise. We're at the if the Parker four twenty five and a party, I threw mazing party need to get back to throwing this party Reese do that man. And we'd blow the roof off the places but Spencer stop by to support what I was doing and I sat him down. And it wasn't like he's planning on being aired. If I remember like literally had to like strangle hold him and his wife Kathy's. I just go do it Spencer and got him sit down. And I thought we might have them on for ten minutes. I was going to fit it in national sought like a thirty minute interview. He talked about his career, and you know, his love of off road and things like that. And you know, it's come full circle. Because that was what are we twenty nineteen? Now that's twenty seven years ago. Things have come full circle because he was talking about like wanting at some point to go do are things like that. Well, he's come back, and he's done Nori did them in four hundred things like that. You know? So it's just kind of interesting thing. But there's some really good stuff talking about his career and there anyways, I dropped in our feed yesterday. So if you subscribe on itunes, you check out the website. It's right there. It's easy to get. It's like thirty minutes. Audio quality man, I'm telling you. It was one of my first shows we had some headsets weren't quite what we're using now and not even close or us now, but audio quality is a little scratchy. You can still understand everything. But and it was one of my first shows in just thankful, I still have that piece of audio content. That's I guess that's one thing really special that I really enjoy. I don't wanna say enjoy. But I'm honored to honor to have is these interviews with guys like Spencer low, and Dave Mirra, you know, an after they pass we can go back and reflect and listen to them talk about their careers and things like that. And it's one thing that's that. I hold special about doing radio and being able to spend time with these absolute legends. You know, as because we do have some amazing audio diaries with these people telling their stories about their life and careers and things like that. So Spencer man, what can I say whole family? Just good people and he always treated treated my family. You know? So so well spent so many times drinking with him up at his bar. Fox's. And yeah, definitely definitely going to going to be missed. You know? I it's one of those things I'm trying not to get choked up trying not to shed any tears. I've done that already. We're here. We're doing the national show. But I just wanted to, you know, say, hey, the sky, you know, and it's one of those things where the he was legendary in the eighties. Right. And I think a lot of people new to the sport lot of people listening to this show. Maybe not even born back when he was in his prime. So you might not know the name. But you know, he was if you're around in the late seventies and the eighties. You know, the name Spencer low, and you know, you know, the trucks so yeah, just thinking about them and just an amazing amazing guy and definitely gonna be missed by the entire offered community. And I'm just stoked that he was able to bring that Nissan back and run the mint and run nor last year. And I know that was something really really special to him. So if you do want to hear him talk about his career, we did drop that yesterday. So it's out there. So yeah, I mean, I could take a whole show telling. Spencer stories, but I'm not gonna do that. So we're we're going to try and transition in here before I get kind of choked up on air. We are going to be debuting something here in the next segment something, I'm really really excited about you know, me I listen to listen to a lot of actually talk radio. And I listen to other hosts, and it is you know, me I'm a pro wrestling fan. I do not hide. That fact, I like pro wrestling, I'm the, you know, like street by Tommy says like you're the guy that never grew up. Well, me and a bunch of others because. It's a massive industry. And you know, it's actually my podcast project. Act action we've interviewed a lot of them. But I've always said race car drivers can take something from from pro wrestling in the personas and things like that. But. Anyways. One of my favorite shows called busted opens on Sirius XM on fate nation and listen to daily in every week. They do something called the called the weekly power rankings WWE powering kings, right? And it's not like it's not key cumulative in in so much that you know, what I mean accounts like the past three months or four months, so literally just that weeks body of work. So it's basically like who have the best week. And I think that's really RAD with this show because some weeks we're going to have off road guys on the list other weeks, we're going to other weeks. We're gonna have drag races on the list or IndyCar drivers or a may God forbid, maybe even a NASCAR driver. Right. Well, you know, offroad drifting rally supercross anybody that competes in racing action sports that involves racing like snow cross. Whatever we they have a chance to be on this power rankings and two had the biggest impact that we. Can someone is going to be hard because there might be only one race going and then other weeks way of like six or seven man, it's going to be tough to crack those rankings? So we're going to debut those in the next segment, I'm really excited about it. This is something we are going to do weekly. And so I'm really excited, I know in future episodes, my boy, Christly only there that handles a median the website for me. He calls in from time to time he's going to start doing his own too. And we'll actually kind of have a debate about. So I'm gonna roll it out this week, and then, you know, future episodes most weeks will probably have Chris calling in, you know, and he'll be he'll be given his kind of like, I don't know. We'll probably go back and forth. So it should be kind of fun. So I'm excited. Once we roll this out in the next thing. And I love to hear what you guys think. So if you want to give me follow at Jimmy riff, teen on social media, and you know, definitely chime in and let me know, you know, what what your thoughts are on it. So that's coming up in the next segment really excited about that. But I do have to talk, and I know Tiffany stone. And I we'll get into talk and KOA ch- here later on in the show is she? Drives back to Michigan from Johnson valley. But I snuck out there last week. Obviously, I raise the trophy truck. Big thanks to vision wheel general tire for sport in that program. But yeah, so raise the trophy truck. And then we moved onto KOA Che snuck out there Monday did a radio show uh spend a little time there on hammer town catching up with some friends, and I gotta tell you I tune in the rest of the week. I just didn't I had too much going on to actually stay at hammers for the entire week's actually almost like two weeks ten days, whatever I didn't have enough time to do it all but that being said like insane insane race, Dave. Call tip of the cap KOA. Never disappoints UT race was off the hook. I I'm looking forward to racing the next year. I know we talked about this last week in the live show Menzies van and amazing effort Guthrie's. Mitch Guthrie genius kid is just he's a world beater sees way to put it. You know, and then you move into the trophy truck race. And you know, I was skeptical about it. And you know, I I'm hoping no Parker is making some inroads next year to try and accommodate this. I hope that KOA ch- does the same thing. I think that there's an you know, we can have both races. I'm hoping that you know, somehow they worked together to make it happen. And no Parker where here we're making some inroads. We're moving the date up a week. So that gives another week for teams that wanna do both. You know, but I would love to see KOA champ Parker, like a, you know, a shootout, you know, like literally the best of the best. I know that was the goal at Keio h they got twenty two twenty three entries. They were looking to have like thirty or forty at one point, you know. And I think it hurt Parker's entries. A well. Some hoping they can work together for that. But an amazing race do after tip the cap there. Live streaming and stuff mazing. You know, I think between the mid four hundred what they're doing and Welsh fours doing we're seeing the future. What offroad racing could be that gets me really really excited. So we're gonna talk a whole lot of ultra four today. Get Jason sheer. He's come calling in for a couple of segments in that interview, so long we're actually going to run it in project action as well. So we're going to take a short break we come back or rolling out the power rankings here on the down and dirty radio show, powered by Polaris razor. Are you looking for a place to push yourself behind the wheel and see how your driving skills stack up dirt rally school is that place located on three hundred and fifteen acres of pristine automotive playground at the foot of the cascade mountains in Snoqualmie, Washington right outside of Seattle dirt visually schools at one of a kind place where everyone from first time drivers to season professionals like Bucky lactic and Antoine. The can push themselves to their limit whether driving the performance rally prepped all-wheel-drive Subaru Impreza STI is what you're looking for. Or you'd rather hang it all out in the rear wheel drive, Subaru VR Z's dirt fish rally school has something for every. Anyone bosses are available from two hours to three days and feature instructors with over one hundred and fifty years of combined racing experience. Whether you're looking to become the best and get an edge on the competition or just looking at fresh in your skills behind the wheel dirt fish rally school is the place to go. For more information on registering for classes, visit dirt fish on the web at dirt fish dot com. Or to check out the latest happenings from dirt. Fish fall them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at dirt fish rally. Thanks

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