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I am so excited that we're talking about s bio because this is a film that made a huge splash when it came out. I mean roger ebert said it was his number one favourite film of the year it was the highest grossing independent movie of the year. It won best first feature independent spirit awards and then it felt like kind of dropped off a little bit and it's been coming back it really recently in two thousand eighteen. The library of congress put it in the national film registry so glad that we are now talking about eve's by this inform them was such a big deal in deserves to continue to be talked about. I wanna talk a little bit. More about the roger ebert of it all though because he did the thing that i think gives a critic real stripes. You find a first time filmmaker. You say this person this special. Here's what they did. Here's i want you to pay attention to you. He wrote when he reviewed when you hear this. He said if this film is not nominated for academy awards. The academy is not paying attention without old phrase to say when you're reviewing a first time film from for simple maker and we'll spoiler alert. They were not paying attention. Did not get any nominations. Because i'm sorry. My beloved titanic dominated the entire world but what he said is that that he said this that lemons can make a film this on the first try is a rebuke to establish filmmakers. And he likened her to this great history of tennessee. Williams ingmar bergman directors who made major dramatic opuses that he felt like this film slotted right into he was like this is a classic. I'm i'm calling it now. It's interesting to compare it to tennessee williams because find tennessee williams to be a little bigger. You know a larger than life and this film is so kind of quiet and simple. I see the comparison because the south and but it it definitely doesn't feel and what i loved about this film was it doesn't like hit the melodrama over the head it. It's played out in a very interesting natural way. And i think that's what i really loved about it. You you are not. I would say off baseball. I mean lynn whitfield. Plays the mother in the kind of like housebound amazingly beautiful mother. The kind of mother that to be like reminds me of v. c. andrews character. You know she's she's got this pedigree legacy she was the great beauty of her. She's from the south herself. It even she kind of said. I don't quite see the tennessee. Williams this of it. I knew early on that tennessee williams you know and his approach his how he viewed the southerner you know. I never saw myself in his work. But i lived his work. You know of a very complex very bright cultural richness of you know the gatherings but there are dynamics of families and riches of traditional and traditions and black family. That that damn thing to do with white people Slavery or anybody else we are fabulous and rich riley on gloom and doom and some of our problems are just our own problems. Yeah some of our complexity is just hours. And i want to own that and i want to talk about that the i get tired of paying so much attention to things. That aren't just interesting people. You're the film that it reminds me. The most of reminded me of to kill a mockingbird absolutely i was going to say the same thing i think the thing that connected me to. That was the way that you're seeing the story through the eyes of a child. That was one of the most impressive things. You really feel like you're in the you're in the shoes of this. This child watching the world go on around them and not fully understanding it and not knowing what's right and wrong and true and false and and that really connected to me. Yeah exactly that idea of your with the child as she's watching events happen but you know that the child doesn't totally get it. So you're you're adding in with the child doesn't see or a one point the Eve ghost with her dad on a doctor visit and her dad's shuts the door on her and leaves her outside as he sleeps with his patients. And we know that bones goes to the bone zone zone. That's a bone visit. That is The meat thermometer taken that temperature doctor. Doctor gimme the news. I got a bad case of the bones zone blues. He's a chiropractor. What you're saying that that idea of we see what she doesn't get to see but we also are able to know what she's not able to know and it's that same kind of process of like a girl who's incredibly close to her dad just the way that scout is with her father. Atticus finch but the different. You know we're scout is learning that her dad is a hero that this man is an appointment. Who's done great things in this community. This is the inverse. This is eve learning that her dad who is a hero who starts off as like the greatest hero of the land worshipped by everybody. Kind of sucks. It's a it's a it's a disillusionment story. Yeah and i also think what is really interesting is to see adults. Interacting with kids It tells you a lot about their character and you know that opening sequence where she's running around the house you can pull so much in and you feel immediately how she feels about her brother about her mother And what makes foam so interesting. Is the way that sam jackson treats her is so incredibly loving and kind and sweet but yet us as the audiences watching him and going this is a bastard like he is a bad dude but it makes the movie that much more complex because we're seeing him through the eyes of her being absolutely caring and And really i think being a good father even though he's not a good man. If that makes sense i hear what you're saying. There's there's this so much of what's happening in this household is about everybody being jealous of l jackson's attention like everybody just wants more of their dad and they're fighting over it right from the beginning. I feel like there are hints of this in tokyo story. The way that the sister who ran the beauty parlor. Quite that much like indulgence for the sister who had more of the dad's love like more of the dads drunk but here at the top. You have these scenes where Eve runs out of the house because she's jealous that her dad at these big parties only dances with her older sister. You who's slightly taller slightly prettier in the more traditional. Looks more like her mother and they have to have this fight right up at the beginning. She's trying to explain her dad that her feelings are hurt. She's trying to get his love and affection even when she she has just caught him having.

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