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She's in Louisiana sorry. She's in level on coast to coast AM, Louise, Ian for taking my call to cure several years ago, when I first called gain that any comment that I made can be documented out of respect for the program and out of respect for you. Well, this comment has to do with Cleopatra talk about Patrick and mother's day. Coming up get a practice called the mother of God, the reason she was given the title is because you'll get sees before he was killed in March was named by the Roman Senate as a God when she had his son sees, and they would they said she was the mother of God, this is why she was given the title the mother of God. And then she was also called the virgin mother. The recent. He was called the bridging mother is because she was a virgin when she and Julia sees very Scott together. A lot of information comes from the book. Patch a lag life by Stacy Schiff, which is on the New York Times bestseller list. How would like to make the great mother? She had four children one Julius Caesar three. But Mark Antony and she was the only Queen of Egypt who had children and was not married and did not have a team you go. There you go. Thank you so much James is in Missouri on coast to coast AM, east of the Rockies, James. How you doing good? We're coming up to the bottom of the hour. But at the I can work in. Okay. I cannot identify with your last guest. For the simple fact that I did a long time, and I was in Mexican security prison for eighteen years. And if you're in prison like that you have to learn to read people, sure. Hurt you hurt you. And so on. Okay. Yeah. I believe you totally believe you and with that. I brought that up out here with me, and it's kind of a burden because I walk around in society, and judge my the people that I associate.

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