Carla Cornejo, Daniel Jurgen, NPR discussed on Weekend Edition Saturday


Greg Marie, and I'm an NPR national security correspondent. The book I'd like to tell you about is the new map, and it's by Daniel Jurgen. Now he's been writing and sweeping terms about global energy markets for decades. Yet this book, like his previous ones, is actually about so much more. He begins with a visit to tiny Dish, Texas. That's the site of the first successful Fracking operation Back in 1998, which launched a new era that's made the U. S. The world's largest energy producer. But it's also a book about climate change Your gun walks the reader through the battles to control the electric car market think countries that are making solar and wind power part of the mainstream. And ultimately, your gun shows us how energy markets explain World politics from Middle East conflicts to China's obsession with the South China Sea. He breaks them down through the lens of energy. Daniel Jurgen writes about energy, but his stories are really a master class on how the world works. Hi. I'm sharing Marisol Maraj e co host and senior producer of NPR's Code Switch podcast, And I'm proud to say that I loved Carla Cornejo via the scent. Theo's book in the undocumented Americans. Carla writes about the Americans who never get recognized as such because of their immigration status. People who live interesting, complicated lives. But our only considered workers laborers if they're thought of it all. Having lived the life of an undocumented American herself, Carla leaves her story with those of other undocumented people. She meets in five different cities across the United States. Their names have been changed, and it's possible their stories have changed a bit, too. In the undocumented Americans. Carla leaves it up to us to decide what's fact what's fiction and whether that even matters. Her approach to nonfiction and her writing style are innovative electric. You will feel it all when you read this book. There you have it for books for people interested in diving deeper into current events. We've heard serene Marisol Mirage recommending the undocumented Americans Greg Marie talking about the new map. Liz Baker, who recommended Breath and Eric Deggans recommending me and white supremacy. The full list of NPR's book Concierge recommendations. Check out NPR dot org's slash best balls. Andrew Bird began to wonder about Christmas. A while ago. Yeah, right song about.

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