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In this week's issue there is a memorial to the great eight Pete in the shaper and one of the great ones by Schulman. Frank Traynor Joel. Brian already out of his father's shadow at twenty six lights out perfectly parks CRANSTON years. Its final month of service and so much more. The government's four. For over one hundred years stub Blah Blah. All right. Steve was not Waste any time right back into the action. There's lots of Gulfstream. We're finally going to get to talk about the Hutcherson. We talked about it so much less because they didn't fill it. They filled tomorrow. Race three starts stakes accidents action. Six furlongs on the hutches changed a million times over. The no grade used to be seven now. It's just six. A field of seven led by the number five. Chivalry was runner up in the grade. Three swell just about a month ago. Chivalry is the one beaten here. I think the cut back from seven eight. Three quarters is GonNa make a big difference to him is a two time stakes winner at this Six for a long distance and he took the lime house back over the track and the buffalo manner earlier in the year. I think tracking styles. GonNa work out very well. And is he the one that I'd be afraid of is the six our nation on parade making her first. Start for Kathy RID VO and He hasn't run since since the fall. Breaking his main the Maryland million nursery which he did quite impressive. Second time out from attracting spot as well. So I think that He's the one who I wanna for you but I think chivalry is Is going to get the job done all right. So chivalry for the big rebound Murphy Yeah I thought it was chivalry the otherwise. I thought they could win. This race was smashed factor on the outside He had no chance in that Woodrow Oh Marshall Man. When he went off a wicked forty forty five second half half they cut him back there in the end he brand pretty well-known seven eighths on the front end most of the way. And you know the outside draw. I got the worst. Got The three Scotto in here but I think he might be fast as some see if making a put him on the front end. Just get the wire. I'm going to try to mild upset and with the number. Seven smash factor. He's my top. Pick in reese three. The six Furlong Hodgson graded action starts. What race number. Four Great Three Palm Beach amount of sixteenth on the turf for the three year old colts and Geldings. We have a field of twelve in here. Vitality returns he was sharp second in the Grade Three Bourbon. Before injury put him on the sidelines he was going to be one of the Favorite Cup juvenile turf. He Returns Four. Brendan Walshaw via Castellana. We got stuck out and post twelve much like is supposed fourteen in the Bourbon and keeneland last year. You and I covered that race together. You're on the network South Bend Turf. Debut was good when he got beat just neck in the Danube beach. Last time out a lot of ways to going here. Mr Grabowski vitality is the one who jumps out of everybody from Iran and Grade one stakes place in the Bourbon. Where he just missed his favorite as you mentioned before he's been away since the fall. But you know like you say that outside postage really tough. It's you know especially at this distance. On Turf Course He's really going to have to To be ready to return on his best game to have a big shot in here. I'm going to try and beat that. I was very impressed by the seven South Bend. First Time on the grass. You know they. They felt that that he might be a triple crown Type of candidate. They tried him. After winning the streets cents Churchill flat mile at one turn. They tried him in that Kentucky Jockey Club which is the law had all those issues and and burn third. But he's not to turn. Animals doesn't look like on the main track doesn't look like he's of that caliber. I think You know the the way that he took to the Turfan usually horses trying to serve for the first time. If they any adversity at all you may have a difficult time showing their best. He got a good turf course You know he was. He showed a lot of early interest. He was sitting right there. Just Mr Byron neck He'll get blinkers. Maybe that helps help to straighten them out and other than vitality and here. I think it's a pretty Pretty soft bunch for him so if he runs even runs back to that or takes a step forward over. I think he's going to be pretty tough to more. Okay all right. I like Muttiah Sto Royale broke his maiden very impressively first time out and he came back. He got a little trouble at the start. I don't think he handled the given the ground as well as dominant that day. Now go down. A Gulfstream Fast and firm today all signs of the meeting and get a forum course. Junior Alvarado is going down. Sources have been working really. Well a patient par. Billy's been aggressive with the source. Paid a lot of money for this source can run. He's also by the way a half. The promises fulfilled so certainly the talent in the family I like. Ti Style I will reluctantly use southbound. I have to be honest with you. I'm a little worried that the turf move last time was a little bit of a frustration. Move and I don't know how well he ran last time. Really don't I'm GONNA use them. Liquors are going to go back living alone for the first time. I'm GONNA use them. I'm GONNA reluctant us. I'm GonNa tell you where someone who uses the price Jimmy Jerkins blockbuster Tofu Tober Rajiv with life on top last time out I'M GONNA use that horse and I'm going to use I'm certainly not letting vitality beat me so I'm GONNA use the four of them. Yes as a topic. It's an interesting reasonable for the grade. Three Palm Beach race number five hundred Fox grade three for the fillies and Mares they'll go flat mile on the turf. We talked about comic blonde earlier. She made her She got her first stakes win. She'll try grated company for the first time in here This is not the I wouldn't say this is the strongest group evenly of affiliate like Vita Vic on the outside who has won some graded stakes. She used to be claiming Munchkin money New York bread. She just got beaten them. Wash River by Magic Star for Auckland Gasoline. I don't know where else you can go in here for me. You know if you're making pick fours and early pick fives I. I think you safe using the three favorites and I think one of them will win but I to me. Wake me up at various points today. And I'M GONNA I'M GONNA pick one of them at points of that. That's how I'll probably would take atomic blonde. Because it's Fletcher. At Gulf. I agree with that That synopsis I mean. I think it's one of those three absolutely To the to the outside. It's going to be tough for them. Because they start from there or they do. They do own figures. That are more than good enough to win this. And that's the thing right. They probably have the experience edge whereas the other Philly has a little bit more blue sky and certainly got to meet the draw a handful of time she starts from an inside draw one launch. I wanted to throw in the mix and if I would probably go for deepen hearing any multi was the six conquest hard candy. Who LAST TIME Making her first start since the fall. bad break. She was the one who broke four we with Mitchell road rally. The white part of the track was being picked off. A few horses wasn't much of a threat but needed the race. You know before that she was in the first lady Akeem Lynch behind only. She didn't really have a shot there. But but prior to that she She's less than a length behind significant form in the Boston spot. Saratoga you know a great event. She's she's a good tougher on her best day. She can get in the mix ten to one on the morning line. I mean she's one that I would WANNA put interesting. It's an interesting race. It's an interesting race We'll see what happens Another one at a price. Maybe even silver kitten from the Ralph having impregnated insane rate so wide open renewal of the Fox race number. Five is the Greek three on Fox. Ray Six raps this race seven. I'm sorry wraps this segment. It's the great three very one mile and three sixteenths on the turf for the phillies and mayors Got To have tough races at every furlong on before ten racecard. Because you've gotta fill the fourteen racecard Big Field Twelve I think the distance is very important in here because I think this is a distance to quite a few of these. It's too short them. Would you do here yet? You know I thought there were a handful. Who wanted to go longer and I thought they were a handful in here. That wouldn't surprise me if they did win. You know even though they may want to go go a little bit longer than eight. Lassen Yariel friend shows up again You know I'm just about done with chances with that. That one empress of the Nile Mercer. I started a year. She was good in New York last year. And now she's GonNa try Gulfstream when she's Oh for four lifetime over that of course. There was a tough one. I mean you look and say well. How many have an opportunity in here? How many do you think a legitimate threats horse? Who who I think I got the worst of it last time. Was the number two to Riga facing me. Mary Who won the Law Providing Out Day. She was on an easy lead by herself. The fractions were very slow at that. Mono- half I think cutting back to the mile three sixteenths with the promise of a more modest pace. I think she's very interesting. John Velazquez sticking with her cry. I am I don't love anything I've seen so gonNA take what I haven't seen the three queen of time. First Time Grand Motion First Time lasix. Boy She has some races over in Europe that looked like she's GonNa benefit quite a bit from the addition of lasix. Ram winning a thirty percent down there Him and Junior Alvarado known to put overprices to. He has great numbers. First Time North America. There are a handful of horses. You can use them this race. You can use the to to Riga the motion Horse That gets all famous John Velazquez. You can use Use The six lemon zip. You could use the seven romantic pursuit. you could use larceny. Our you could use a bunch of them in here And percent of the Nile. I'M GONNA take news new shooter I'M GONNA try to number three clean of time. She'll get lasix junior Alvarado and first time Graham Ocean who has been having a very good meat down in South Florida. It goes as race number seven very one. I will take a break when we come back. We got four more coming your way from Gulfstream Park. Lots of steaks action ten all tomorrow down in Hallandale Beach Florida. You're listening to the weekend stakes preview presented by naira bets here on. Hr.

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