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To place the go get it at Walmart. I don't like to encourage anybody to go Walmart for any reason other than if you're a loon wage and you like to view other loons, but they do have a lot of Smithfield products there. So have at it. All right. We continue on with the BBQ Central show guest Hall of Fame nominations and we go to our newest correspondent from the great city of Utah Rusty Monson Thursday. Go ahead with your list. It is the greatest City. I best out of the same way that John did is I had to base it off of the shows I've listened to and I've been into the show for about a year and I've downloaded and listened to a million or the episodes what all can and kind of ran together, you know, and I didn't have a lot of time to like, you know go through it all but that's it. My favorite episodes. We're actually two of my friends. So Susie Bullock who I don't even believe was on anyone's list. That's appalling and lynnae Oxley Loop who John talked about who is awesome. I'm gonna make notes gray was twice and Lanae. Twice. Okay continue and then I'm a big Andy husband's fan. So I really liked his episode. Yes. And so I had to put him on cuz I learned a lot from him. I like him. I think Don and Don hey, Don Doug and John should be on their way over there on that early embedded correspondents that stop running my shelf. Just do what you're told me off line. But North funny is I would get a kick out of two people on the show all the time and one is your daughter Bobbie. That chick is hilarious like.

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