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This is the rich dad radio show the good news and bad news about money here's robert kiyosaki welcome back robert kiyosaki the rich dad radio show the good news and bad news about money where talking to champion today but the theme of the show is how money doesn't make rich cozy champions became millionaires early in life and many of their peers became poor early in life also after making millions some money doesn't make rich because of the rich radio program anytime anywhere on i tunes are android and you can listen to this program again on rich dad radio dot com we archive this program is 'cause repetition as one as we learn more listen to this program again and you'll learn even more because represents how we learn but more importantly we have friends family members business associates but especially young young people you know your your children have that listen to these this program because these guys here are not just champions of stars in their own right and as a young person i always looked up to them so while we're talking today about we talk about what are some of the pitfalls of being a millionaire young you have france you have family and all this but for every guy like may one of the reasons i wanted to play football that wasn't nice way to meet the girls and unfortunately i was a fat and ugly linemen and the guys that got all the girls or the chicks while the quarterbacks and i got nothing so we have chris redman he spent his career with the falcons and baltimore ravens and he wound up as a quarterback a professional quarterback i mean that's almost getting close to god and rod smith also played quarterback so i don't know what that feels like.

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