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Bring in regional fighters to sell tickets and give them opportunities to compete in front of their home crowd and start to build a name like that and ballots. Also getting better at once guys are starting to boil over and cup starting to spill out. They put him on big cards. They put them on on main cards with big main events. That have a lot of eyeballs to help build those other stars. And i feel like they're doing that better with their and pico. They've done that better with jay mckee and then by the time they realize like aj's legit this guy's a stud. Let's see we can go it sink or swim time. A guy has swam. He's won gold medals in swimming. For for god's sake. I mean the guy is just super legit and because of the way they built him up and makes this fight so much more interesting. Even though patricia pit bull strength of schedule is is definitely stronger. And better than aj mckee's but elettra did a great job with aj and it makes us fight much more interesting and the betting line. Say that the. I think patricia pit bull is like a minus one hundred favor in this fight like straight. Pick them heading into saturday night so everything they have done with age mckee to set them up for saturday. Night has been absolutely perfect. Was just a perfect partnership. Also i do want to rephrase. Because i said i wouldn't have cared if this fight i wouldn't have minded if this was even before the grand prix guam helped it out in terms of building edgy. Mckee 'cause you can't argue with the tournament you can't say oh he got fast track to this and that dude earned title fight going through a literally like you can't say no to the next fight because that moves you on so i rephrase. I'm glad this is happening. Because now there is no argument. Agent make you deserve the title shot. Anyway where you're going to say. I like to note some of the differences between between the The the rise of pico versus aj mckee mckee was signed izzo. His first three fights and bella tour were dark fights there were post limbs. They weren't maybe. Maybe you could watch on facebook dot com at the time. I don't know but there were there. Were there all and southern california around here to make your irvine or somewhere around here and there were all after the main event i. i honestly don't know if when when the sorry scott and bella joy they signed a lot of fighters not a lot but no to no fighters and they throw them on the early early prelims or the post limbs in the back in the day i think. Aj is just one of those guys that really panned out because the first night right now i five or six fights i it was a while before. Aj was televised fighter. So they become very slowly even terms of media awareness. So far i m fighting bright deeming really even report on any of this fights into he was probably five six zero. So it's such a different way you have see. Does that have really a way to do that. I mean maybe you can just keep their on continuing series over and over but even then it's it's still different so i love this. Yeah obviously they did. Make a lot of missteps of erin pico. But that's not on tour unarmed pico and his management and that's why an pico did change training camps that's why good change management to. We got people. Forget that so. It's not apples and apples. Exactly but yeah plus iron pico like before he even before he even is two years before you had his pro debut. Aaron pico was already anointed as the greatest prospect that ever stepped foot in an jim like you already had all this ridiculous pressure placed upon him before he even made that. Walk with like sixteen. Or something like that. It's it's insane. It's nuts and like aj got like. I has the family name. But he got to sort of like you said just developing those in those scenarios kept the people there after the main events just to watch him fight fighting slowly builds them up. I don't i think his fourth fight was the first time us on a main card because it was like. Is that italy card. So they just they just put them on there so and then he just kept building and building and i think what was the fight that really. They finally started seeing dominic masada fight in april. Two thousand seventeen like that was a good step up for a twelve and wanted fought twelve and one fighter. Yes one on the head kicked only kicked out. That was head kick nocco. And then blair tug named brian. Moore's a decent name orange decent name just north of very good name. Yeah actually who was in all this took place in a six year span so it's not like it. It happened really quickly. Seventeen fights in six years. That doesn't happen that often. Plus we had a pandemic to deal with two forty and insane. What a pay pace and while done. But it's the pound again. There are certain times where some of these regional fighters don't pan out like. Look at look at mike kimball member mike kimball comes in on the on the early really getting off the buck. As they say couple of mice now drop a promo they went all in on them and paradigm picked him up and all the and they tried to push him. They try to try to build them up. And sometimes it works. And sometimes it doesn't and sometimes fighters are ready for that. Sometimes they aren't and i know mike personally. Good kid kids still get the drive hunger. And i don't know if i mean if you could do it over again. Maybe he would but you know sometimes you you hit sometimes you miss. Aj clearly hit in my kimball. I get that. When i when i saw him fight the first couple of times when i interviewed him i was like ooh. This guy's a star didn't pan out. He i think he changed camps and then he moved to florida i think he's at stanford now. Is that true or making that up. We know he's still. He's still pretty local. In new england. I know he does camps kind of all around him. Mvp or super. close now. So i know they do a bunch of different things together. So he's kind of all over the louis c. k. Is he's throwing balladur. Pretty sure no. Are they released releasing again. They did that. Big sweeping like remember that they release rookie. Ben day haase. And i thought i remember my kimball being that. So they released a few names that i thought had big potential like bend. I guess maybe they just didn't see a like he's gonna fight for the title anytime soon but he has that big win over gallaher that they kept kind of milking for a while but putting them on these like the dublin. Cards and everything. So but i- mike kimball. I can't even remember his last fight. But he's fantastic on the mike and him and jim's gal her gonna fight in that lobby that one time and james gal her gets under my skin a lot in terms of how he talks trash not that he is talking trash by just some of it is a little weird to me i. But he's a fantastic fighter don't agree with my kimble's art. Do you remember what he was saying. Mike kimmel was sit some terrible things to james. Keller in that trash talk. I was it was kinda disgusting anyway anyway. Kimball talk today. Thanks to t mobile for supporting this episode and for keeping.

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