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Buzz around the world. I'm not. I'm not quite sure how will work in. But there's always room for great stories. And as gary said it's not just about thinking. Oh new menu. Yes that can be right. But what's so special about menu. Why is it different. Why should we know. And why should any so things that some you know. There's no story but if it's good enough but we wouldn't publish so it's just about thinking how how it works with the cocktail lovers style. Why would fade. Most people is make sure you look at the magazine before you pitch an idea to us because you know some people will just pitch straightforward trade is. We don't do that when not just about repeats in press releases we like to get a story behind it. Get our boys behind it and really be passionate about so. I would suggest that you haven't already even if you don't get the magazine happened on our website and get an idea of town off style and the kind of things that we writes about eight insights. So how can our listeners. Best reach you to pitch stories Yet with the go go to our website. There's a contact on there. That's that's where we get into the united states our cold context if you like Scuds website there's a contact phone fill that in on. That will come to the two of us. I mean some people contact us fire Face fight anymore around. Yeah that's the website just in case the cocktail lovers dot com and that's also where we all on instagram. Facebook is cocktail lovers and now for the listener questions segments of our show. We have a question from a fan of the cocteau. Lovers in south korea outs noah. Young jin kwon who formerly worked charles h. at the four seasons really unsal and We visited there and saw him in action. It's amazing pass. Great and now. He has his own bar. Insult called zest soul and a. He opened his bar during this pandemic or two very very brave soul. So he asks. What advice would you give to a new bar to bring its awareness of the global level especially with travel being so restricted. These days. well it's gotta be good. Oh social media. I think you know that's the way these days when lucky in some ways that the pandemic has happened now because at least we do have social media we do have internet and we can't keep connected with anybody and every fourteen around the world so it's about making yourself relevant on on instagram. All on facebook. Facebook live doing some some child closets from from your from your car i would just say yet. Build your audience that way and and also send us some details house. Let us know what are you doing. You know we. We want to know how how thing now think about this. You've just your car in the middle of a pandemic things. What is the struggles. How will you manage in. Since the first of the kind of stories that people want to know those are the things that we like to now because we want to know things from the past no levels that always think along funds lines as well and i think again sutton from our point if he were those kinda stories as we keep saying you know we. We write full. As consumer and industry asandra synthetic of stories had to i've a bow in the middle of a pandemic. that's a great story for everyone. An industry own. These story in our consumer redes- will be fascinated by story. Live west last question of our show so what do you see the s. The future of the bar experience post kovic tricky. We we were talking about this year on this. Well because on the one hand on really optimistic and oh everyone's going to rush back into the pause and account white because we've seen this happen after the us lockdown people. Okay didn't rush back into the house but they wanted to go back out. Everyone's been indoors for so long that people are planning when they can supply next meal when they can put on the nice frog and governed set and meet with people to be different. Because before when we were empowers. You could stand up. You could do all of this contact thing and that's called now. It's gonna take a long time before you can hug all feel free to today. Those things about does detract from the experience by people. I think people still won't go out. It might be some people that are more hesitant. So if you're ball with an outside space that's right. gary has a different take on this. Whoa whoa yeah. I think the things that i think everyone's going to be aware of From above point of view is to again put yourself in the consumer the guests shoes because often we came out the fest. Big lockdown back in whenever that was may june of last year. Some said i think most people we news will. I can't wait to get back for the people that we now. But bob rose amongst people who knows a few people saying i stood up to a comfortable on the bit worried of aiming to a crowded ball. So i think you've got to really be mindful of your guest experiences. Doesn't make sure they really comfortable with coming coming back out. Because i don't think we're gonna go straight on how it was. I mean would love it too. I think that's going to happen in any major country on you might just say i think we've got to be really mindful and say fake maple back on the journey and as them back in and say. This is safe environment. We're looking at here. everything's clean. I think we've got to be really careful in tight. How people's hands in a nice way we're gonna we're gonna gonna have to build people's confidence essentially earned the trust yes while disciplines so much fun and i wish we can talk to you more on either hours. You're not to see you both and hopefully we'll see you in london. Which is one of our favorite city in the world and sometime soon few well and be happy. Okay you too bye. Always inspiring to chat with asandra and gary the hardest working couple ever now that you know what sandra gary cover. Please feel free to pitch them. Your story ideas that would be of interest to a global audience to mention that you heard them on our podcast. We have a lot of exciting media guest in the pipeline as well. So please subscribe on apple podcasts. Spotify iheartradio google podcasts. Or your favorite podcast. Whose leave a review until your friends and colleagues next week. I'm then join us as we move forward together..

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