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Guys it's semi fighter kale senate check out my podcast you're welcome with jail fun and every wednesday and friday right here at podcast one we cover the latest in mixed martial arts and everything else going on in the world of sport listen free to your welcome with jail son and exclusively available on apple podcasts at podcast one dot com and on the podcast one app if you love the show share with a friend and leave us a rating and review all right four we get the rest of my conversation with my lustrous wife christian here's some worse from our sponsor flap post you gel nugget gurgle smear kurd bogus tender dangle pork moist may whether you're a construction worker warehouse work or even a podcast host if you hear certain words on a job site can make work uncomfortable so at least get work gear that is comfortable kimberlin pro work shirts pants and boots head to toe timberland pro not uncomfortable steve austin show continue the conversation with my less life criminal three seventeen gimmick street i want to talk about something that is always hard for me to find something to watch on television i'm extremely big as you are but you watch you watch on that subtitle stuff and read on stuff it foreign movies and then it worked for me but one thing we finally agreed upon the day was a documentary called wow wild country well you didn't you weren't going to watch it at first though i had actually turn it on while you were sitting there on your computer fiddling around you don't believe me when i say he's somebody something's good and that somebody told me it was going to be good a trusted valued person that told me this is a great documentary living in los angeles thirteen million people and even though it's thirteen million people ama hermit you can have a social life zoom you go the gym you have this group of friends that you hang around with so i'll actually have conversations they can get some four one one two you me i got my head in the sand.

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