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People, especially in sports, it brings access to exact major sports brands. The largest media companies and networks in the world was that probably. Or you can't got a early on. So I got the book Junie year before before I graduated from school. I got an internship at the NBA and that really exposed me to New York. And I remember thinking when it was over like this exactly where I need wanna be. So I've had a love affair with for for the longest time, it actually hasn't waned. You've talked about before that internship at the NBA and how a seminal to you deciding that you wanted to originally pursue the agency model and see what that was all about. Prior to that, though, your family was a big inspiration. Your dad was a porter at one point then got into finance at an being executive that Mariott you studied finance at providence. Was that primarily the track that you pursued that was him that was it? I always tell my dad. It was more so indirect is not like, you know, he would sit me down and we do everything. It's like, you know, when you come home from school. All that they watched. All he watched was, you know it was mostly, you know, their, it's, you know, business shows and CNN and things like that. And what was interesting is all the the magazines at the Marriott that you know would grow out of circulation or you know, week after week he wouldn't throw them away, you know he'd bring him home. So essentially, that's the stuff that I, I was reading from a young age. You know, it wasn't. It wasn't anything else that's all I had to read. So actually read more of that stuff in my did actual homework, which is crazy. Right. How did you get the internship at the NBA? It's probably a one of the most highly sought after positions now, but this was at a time you and I are the same age group where the NFL was king. Now we've seen that paradigm shift exactly on the ground for at least with the exposure that we have in sports business in media, but how did you get that internship? I remember thinking like sophomore year, I was like, okay..

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