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Responsibility and find someone who will support that people end up in therapy years and years in year they get nowhere. It's just unbelievable. But they don't even know they have an option to get out of therapy. Oh my goodness about that is that is that that guru oriented that we feel in an odd sort of way. It is almost like a victim in that in that we're in. We don't trust our capacity to know about ourselves when we feel like. We need an expert to tell us about ourselves. We need someone to and and and you're consistent in arguing that we don't need experts that we have everything we need already built inside of us we just need to discover processes perhaps and in confidence in in discovery ourselves and i think we are experts for ourselves. I don't think experts. I don't consider myself an expert for anybody. Do you know but you know how rare that is. Jamie did you know that is. That is a wonderful place but i. I don't know how many people really feel expert in themselves that they feel lost themselves. I i don't know what i want. If i only knew what my purpose in life was if i only knew what i was here to do and to and to accomplish and if i only knew what would self-fulfilment would mean to me because we have so many con- conflicting sources out there telling us. This is what you need. This is what you don't need and you know in our american self-help culture is almost. It's almost destructive. Think they're air fell more consciousness and more awareness and more empowerment to Discover fell. That is certainly. You can find many more resources today about that than ever befall and i also say that if you break it down to end this moment. What's my purpose in this moment. Because my need in this moment it just makes it so much easier. And if i just saw inconvenient minimum which is really a lovely place and then on to the next mom and shook theories of known and hope please within all of that a lot of pleasure in good field. That is so good and so to wrap up our time. What i wanna do is talk about the coaches and guides for those of us. That may not be exactly clear on the process. You have you have on your website. You have a process. The people can contact you and forever. So brief encounters think even called them quickies. That's called the quickie a lovely texting option. Yes it is and The other thing about working with me when people contract they tell me how much time they want by a block of time and tell me how much money they want. I don't tell down with a knee. They tell me what need and so at the perez skinny. I precision the person as their own experts. Which is really different so have to wanna take a little personal responsibility to do Do you offer do offer any kind of any kind of survey or assessment centers so they can help identify what they need. Because that's a very difficult question. Sometimes now they don't really need to know what they need to know how much time they want for their russians so literally. You buy a path of time. They reach out to me for my first session. I by twenty one. May i reach the person we have twenty minutes for the next session. They get to ask them for playing for the next session. Homage time might need imaging. I'm not going to tell me what you. But i'm so happy to accommodate whatever this evening and therein lies take personal responsibility and the beginning the process of tractable soft which is so night. It's great now. no. I'm going to have your your website. Where they were interested. People can get in touch with you through your website. And and i will have the url but just for on the air. What is the A dress jamie that they can get you at. Www dot j. m. i. e. cash elliara ner.com so jaime lerner dot com and they will be it will be folks will be on the show notes and so you can just there'll be a link and you can just tap into get a hold of jamie and i really encourage you to do. So she's She's a masterful coach and and she will uses what she calls. Integrative approach of life and self learning jaime lerner. what a treasure. Thank you so much for spending time with me today. Uncle how much for inviting my pleasure. And i want everyone to know as i said that your website address will be posted on the show notes. One thank all our listeners for tuning into the next chapter with charlie end until next. This is charlie hedges signing off by now..

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