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Trying something new ice cream bars after a few years of meteoric growth. Small companies maturing halo top CEO, Justin Wolverton took CB CNN business. That's who's Mitch needs to date the CEO of halo top. She can make changes what's his name? Justin Wolverton got over w ho if we have any mutual friends, which is our T O, and Justin Wolverton, I make sure he's age appropriate. Even though she loves an older, man. Hugh, Jackman Tim across it's like, we're all the scout of cute really is he brother-in-law and the mutual friends. We lives in LA. Hold on. He does look like not age appropriate. Actually, maybe just as mature smile. Cutie? Oh, he meant to Coachella. It's not gonna work. Oh, people can change. But we don't have any neutral friends Latifi follows growth mode jobs. That's like you're on this show Darren as something about Coachella, and I wound up recapping our experience there, and I hadn't thought about it in such a long time of how treacherous it was. God, I think about it once a week every maybe revolt growth, should I go to no. His instagram. Unfortunately, does not follow me. He also doesn't follow. Literally anyone that? I know. Like, we've no mutual follows. That's okay. Maybe one of the toasters knows him out because he single see if he was wearing bringing any of these pictures. Okay. I'm an by that he's verified. Snitch? No, he goes to a lot of vegetables. Okay. Well, it was nice. It was good. Yeah. Oh, precious angel. Where are you going? Well, if you know of any CEOs who Margaret can date. Yeah. That run.

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