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I think the other the size of they are The physicality that that lies within I think you know physicality and just just all culture right. You're right wasting your family's you don't speak the language I i'm certainly a lot more. Probably sympathetic to watching these kids. Come across and having and knowing what they have to deal with I had to deal with it when i was a junior kid. I went to tobacco. City didn't the french and north spoke english. So i i understand that. I know how hard it could be but i think from the the on ice Part of it is just the the size of the rank. The physicality certainly much different than the north american deal. Because i've heard i know you know rangers. It's been a little bit of an up and down season tough loss today. They're bidding games losing games by wine. A lot of games lost in overtime or shootout and to me. I see it there on the cost. When i see that kind of stuff. They're not getting blown out a lot. But you know there's those games that are winnable and to me. That's teaching the franchise how how to win. I've heard through the grapevine. Quinn is having some issues with the he's brought in here. College coach developed a talent develop the players but there seems to be from what i've heard a little bit of an issue adjusting between him and the european players. I can see that. I can see where new york is and we can remember the letter that went out from the organization enrolling fans. That's going to be a process. And there's there's gonna be some pain basically gonna suck for the next few years. And i think that's a good way to handle it for your fan base especially when you're big big market. That's the you know if you're in ottawa I don't know if you have to sell that or encamped mattress. We lose ya seems. We're having a little issue with the station. Can you hear me yeah. We've some reason. Sorry some reasonable just went out for the second at mac. We're gonna go to a quick break and you stick around. Yeah.

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