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By a recent classical music concert has been found by the performing arts group that launched search for him the Handel and Haydn society had just finished a rendition of Mozart's masonic funeral at Boston's symphony hall as Sunday when a child blurted out. Wow, W G B H FM which had captured audio of the moment says the child's nine year old Ronin Mateen, and that his grandmother had. Seen a TV report about the society. Looking for the child Stephen McCain who attended the concert with his grandson says Ronin on the autism spectrum and expresses themselves differently from how other people do he also says his grandson's a huge music fan. The president of handling Haydn says he's setting up his fight meeting with Ronin and the society's artistic director who was conducting the night of the performance the society will invite Ronin and his family back to the venue in October. When the twenty nineteen twenty twenty season opens for another Mozart performance. A con artist who was sentenced to four to twelve years in prison for swindling banks hotels and wealthy New Yorkers says she's not sorry for anything. She did prosecutors said twenty eight-year-old Anna Sorkin who was born in Russia used a fake identity as a German heiress to scam victims out of more than two hundred thousand dollars. They said she defrauded financial institutions and socialites into believing. She had a fortune of sixty seven million dollars. Sorkin was convicted last month on multiple counts of larceny and theft and has been in custody since her Tober twenty seventeen arrest. Netflix and HBO are both working on shows based on her scams..

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