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Yeah. But I was on radio before I was with you. So I beg to differ there young lady. But anyway, the podcast is going to be called keeping it real. And that's what we're gonna do. Keep it real with talk sports. We'll talk about life. We'll have old friends new friends on location, but everything is going to be fun. It's gonna keep it real. That's why it's even a real real gory. I know you're out there right now looking for work. What happened you want to elaborate on days of come to an end over at FNCS while I do in the programs over there. So we had a good run. So we are we entering the free agency. Now, we're not looking for Manny Machado money, but we definitely trying to get something done to keep the pieces rolling there. You're going you deserve. And I'm surprised that that happened dopey. Gone now. Know, Michelle, I've moved on or off producer bones no longer there. And obviously Craig getting ready for his day of coming up this week. So you know, thoughts and prayers out to him and his family deal. Not what he's looking at have. You heard talk to him at all I spoke to him about ten days ago, or so, but don't really know not much on that front. You wanna throw a figure out there? You wanna I'm not gonna do that seven seven to ten now, I'm not gonna do that either. How about I'd like to see him be home in three years, a less? Yeah. I think that's I think the punishment fits the crime three is for what he did. He messed up to throw somebody in jail for seven to ten years for that. I don't see that. It's exactly first time offense. He's a family, man. So I I would say three years is enough what he'd done serve half of it whole house arrest on the rest. Let's do it. I'm down with that. So we're wishing him nothing. But luck there in his judgment day is the day to twenty seven for this month. That's common. It's comedy ended a month is here. And again, we have March madness right around the corner. Do we have a score on that Duke game by any chances and underway? Here. We got it on. We already got something we have packages. We have weekly deals monthly deals. I have a commission deals for guys that can bet decent money five hundred thousand a game. It's five four Syracuse the game just started low scoring game five minutes into it. I'd like to see Duke snap out of it. But we'll see what happens with the number one player in the. The nation. This kid's going to be something, isn't he? No, he's he's been dominant. He's been a dominant force on fronts prompt from high school is AAU days. Probably the most explosive prospect we've seen coming in the NBA since LeBron James so definitely be number one overall draft picking if we can have them right downstairs, Madison Square Garden that would really to put out. Out of that show. I mean right out of that big boy, but still eighty-five right? Six eight to shockwave three fifty. And even have a busted canvas. I don't think shack was his powerful. I think she was kind of a big fat. Boy. I mean, you look at that, man. Would you wanna win mess? No. No, no, no knows resigns a big guy Tudo. So I don't think you what is coming out. His height design is what six seven six eight two forty five. He's basically the same size of JJ watt. Joe J watt, some big boy himself athletic shock, wasn't exactly athletic guy athletic. He can shoot he can do it all speedy recovery. Get hate to see a young, man. No. You don't want to see a prospect anybody exactly anybody was definitely not somebody to starting to come into their career. I mean, right now, you might say he's the most exciting guy in sports because I know everybody's an I know with Ted was tuned in on a Wednesday night. I believe to watch that contest between Duke and North Carolina. I know the tickets were running ten thousand. Up to ten gray was saying Super Bowl money. I don't know about that. But it was pretty steep. Dow people was paying a couple of thousand dollars in the guy that came to see got hurt and thirty six seconds. We leaned on North Carolina. He did get hurt injured. His his name hit a knee sprain. Okay. He twisted his because of the shoe bust out his knee got bent in. And he's day to day. Probably sit him for a week. You said I think about ten days a week to ten days. Get them ready for the ACC tournament which starts when is tournament week when it will be about three weeks from now already. Wow. Wow. When did they picked up the road to the final four? I mean this election day selection. Sunday late this year, right? Is later this year believes election Sunday probably be like the sometime in the twentieth. Exactly. Sure. What Sunday selection Sunday, it'd be but the pieces of starting to come together right now. So if you wanna get involved in and give them the number because you know, you ready to rock and roll. Yeah. I'm lighting it up one eight hundred three zero eight nine zero zero three you make sure to follow me on Twitter at Danny be sports at Danny be sports on Instagram as well Jamie is on Twitter. Can I get a shout? I only have like seventy nine followers anymore followers. You'll get it. When CoCo Diaz retweeted. When when you put a picture of your bikini up there and next thing, you know, you got swamped spunk. Comments. Respond the difference between Facebook and Twitter Facebook of people that you know, that judge and Twitter's people you don't know that judge Russian box that that's right. Yeah. Cats, but we'll be hearing from Tim Donaghy here in just a little bit Corey you're you're handled please on Twitter, and I want you guys to support Corey because the guys fantastic. And I know good things are coming your way out his fantasy exact the at the fantasy exact e e c on Twitter..

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