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So let's figure this out and get away with it whereas this one again just. She feels like she's again just constantly throwing herself at this man look again and again who has no responser care about her whatsoever and so by the time. That part comes where she's like. Oh you weren't in love with her. It's like oh this is just want to see this like this. He's like pitiful and depressing. I don't like it exactly. And i think that is also in terms of as you're saying the kind of characterization of the second wife is that which i will bring costume design shortly has some thought. It's not a real episode if we don't talk about exhaustively but yeah and it's very much that point. Is that breaking point of the murder. She decides like yeah. I'm going to be his wife. I'm going to support him no matter what we're gonna get out of there and we're going to banish the ghost of rebecca we from us because he didn't love her. This is my house now and and that moment happens in the movie somewhat but also really in the book is that basically she becomes a change person. She has the confidence. she's no longer this kind of awkward girl and now she's like i own this house. Who cares about rebecca. Get her outta here. You know so. it's really important. And you can also see that in terms of clothing in the nineteen forties version. She's wearing very schoolgirl. Girl kind of outfits. He's kind of like shorter. Skirts not sure kind of a schoolgirl like below the knee type bang. It's very like casual for the time. I guess i would say and also a different class than what she's coming to which is really important. Yeah and then as you see in the third actress kind of dressing more like a lady of more gentleman's wife or how he would say and and that's kind of her coming to her own where the what he's the one is does not ally i yeah. I did not care for the clothing in this movie..

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