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Members of the team that will that their key brand ambassadors as explaining the release to get fans hyped on game day. they're gonna be on the field during the game I would not during the game but game day running around carrying flags not exactly on the field to be interacting with fans of the prizes to be giveaways in the tail gate lots in the in in the jungle zone of the jungle zone is the centerpiece of all this for the pre game experience three hours prior to kickoff it's on the east side of the the stay in the plaza level they'll be drinks and giveaways and family friendly activities and face painting they'll be ninja warrior races they'll be football throwing contest nobody inflatable axe throwing contest there will be fouling that that's bowling with the football. they'll be a get this a professional world record holding a juggler that will perform in the jungle zone on Sunday. also announced today Paul Brown stadium the this year's project it involved the installation of approximately one hundred and twenty speakers on the lower level. seventy new speakers on the canopy level. and the additional one twenty one inch subwoofers on each side of the canopy level. all designed. to enhance the experience when you're at Paul Brown stadium. they also announced in this release the following in this was not their announcement it came from team marketing report I love this site I love the company a T. marketing report every year releases the F. C. by the fan cost index. and they calculate what it will cost a family of four to attend NFL..

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