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Sponsored by Pacific coast termite. Stan there's a debate underway in San Jose. They're debating whether or not Park Rangers should be carrying weapons while they're on the job. KCBS? Jennifer Honda's reports from our Silicon Valley bureau that San Jose. Rangers say they would prefer to be armed the situation is so bad at some San Jose parks that city police officers will often patrol with the Rangers. The question now is whether or not the Rangers should be carrying their own guns. Jonathan fleming. President of the neighborhood association that oversees the Tali ballfields tells KPI x five it makes sense. Why aren't you using these officers? You know, we we have peace officers in the city that is short of police officers now despite that shortage the city council, let's considering forming a park patrol unit with police veteran park ranger j Lawson says they should be armed considering the dangerous conditions. They often find themselves in we've had weapons found in camps. We've we've had drugs found mayor. Samll Accardo has already said he has many concerns over arming Park Rangers in the Silicon Valley bureau. Jennifer, Hodges KCBS, here's kind of a sobering number. There are more street drug addicts in San Francisco than there are students in the city's public high schools this according to the latest numbers from the San Francisco department of public health, which has estimated more than twenty four thousand street. Injection drug users in the city KCBS and chronicle instead of fill material took those numbers and compared them with other known populations and found it's about fifty percent more than the students census at San Francisco's public schools. Also represents an increase of about two thousand street drug users in the last six years, and they use a lot of needles matere reports the city handed out five point eight million syringes last year that works out to about sixteen thousand day and a half million more on an annual basis than a year before there's been plenty of reporting about how the government shutdown deigned, Southwest Airlines lost revenue was government employees cancelled their travel plans and. A slowdown in the certification of planes to begin southwest planned California to Hawaii service, but it turns out that southwest had an angle in its favor. It had made an arrangement to cover the cost of bringing a furloughed FAA safety inspector in to sign off on the paperwork to put three new jets into service. The Wall Street Journal reports southwest paid about three thousand dollars to get the paper. What pushes paperwork pushed through after F A officials decided to move complied with rules regarding work during the shutdown. The newspaper says the episode shows how a savvy savvy company was able to work a deal before the shutdown kicked in and limit some of the fallout. It's nine thirteen now KCBS savings. JC penny stock up on your favorite jeans,.

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