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In our sunday morning bible studies. It's because that's how we're going to be judged we're going to be judged by the new testament. God has said the times of ignorance over and he is sent his sons dying on the cross. He's given us the complete revelation he tells us how the story ends. We know that jesus has already has the victory. The question is do we want to tag along and be included in that victory if we do then with jesus comes with his winnowing fork in the threshing floor to separate the wheat from the shaft. We have to ask ourselves. Do you want to be the wheats or the chef. Because the sheriff is going to be going into the birds up. So we understand in verse. Three god has given us granted to us all that we need through the complete revelation of god and he tells us as we go on here through the true knowledge of jesus who called us by his own glory and excellence for by these. He has granted to us as his precious and magnificent promises. So that by them you may become partake of the divine nature. Having escaped the corruption. That is in the world by lust. You look at verse four and it says he has granted to us his precious his magnificent promises brother. You guys have heard me talking about faith before amen. And you've heard me give you the definition of faith and i've often said faith real biblical faith is is threefold. You have to come to the word of god. You have to fake from hearing hearing from the word god romans sense seventeen right but it doesn't end there. You have to hear the word to determine if you believe it so it starts with hearing that it started with trusting and then it starts and then it ends with obedience you have to trust in those great magnificent promises that he's talking about right here in verse four so verse three is telling us we look at these and we break these verses down verse. Three is telling us that humans can know god only by the degree that god has revealed himself to us his revealed himself to humanity in. Why do i say that well did. God give the profits when they came the whole story or did he give them little little tidbits of information. He gave them tidbits of revelation a prophecy to pass onto the jews. And so that we can look back to see when prophecy will be fulfilled. Its so we know that now. We have the complete revelation of god. We know how the story is. We know how the story began. We know that jesus is the seed line. Jesus is the one that was gonna come from the seed line from the tribal judah of the family of david and for what purpose the save mankind from their sins and this was a plan that was put in place since before. The foundation of the world is so for god so free humans we can only know god to the extent that he had revealed himself. For example we can know the goddess creative. We can know that he's powerful. We can know that he's wise just by looking at creation but we can't know through creation is that god doesn't reveal recreation doesn't reveal what god thinks creation doesn't reveal with god wants for man creation doesn't reveal what the future will be with the spiritual world will be like it's a we're limited in what we can know from creation. We could see that there is a guy through creation that there is a designer because there's designed in nature but that's about the limit of what we can know in order for us to know more about god. He has to reveal himself to mankind. And we have that revelation through jesus christ through the holy spirit who jesus said he was going to send john chapters fourteen in john chapter sixteen for what purpose so that he could. The holy spirit would remind. The early disciples the early apostles everything that got ever sudden. Did everything that jesus ever saw and everything that he ever did. And so the knowledge of these things is only available to the point or the extended god reveals it. Well what did it say in verse theory. You go back and you look at it. And what did the same verse three seeing that his divine power has what granted to us everything that we need that pertains to life ansa godliness. Brethren all the information that humanity needs to live a good and godly life to be found acceptable in the eyes of jesus christ in the day of judgement is contained in the new testament. So when i ask you the question why is it important that we study out the new testament because it all begins and ends there because we're new testament christian so we don't follow the law because we don't we didn't live under the old law and the old law wasn't for us it was only for the jews and so you look at this information and as we continue on brother at true knowledge gives us access true knowledge of god and his revelation gives us access to godliness. It gives us access to spiritual living a spiritual life and that's why we said earlier that there needs to be a transformation that is taking place as you read as you study the word of god and he's you become more knowledgeable in the word of god you make sure you transform your life in versus five through eleven. Peter is going to describe as we continue on. He's going to describe what man's part is knowing. God he's also going to describe how this affects our life and how it's going to affect our salvation. So peters going to explain that growth is a process. Well what is the process. A process as a series of steps that build upon one another amen. It's it's a series of steps that build upon one another should there notch chew. We not see a growth. Transformation it a transformation be taking place in the lives of every child of god. Let's continue on now as we look at versus five through seven. His second peter one five or seven. Notice what it says now for this. Very reason. also apply diligence. All diligence in your faith supply moral excellence and in your moral excellence knowledge and in your knowledge self control your self control perseverance and your perseverance brotherly kindness or godliness your godliness brotherly kindness and then you brotherly kindness love. Peter tells us at the process of knowing god begins with what diligence it begins with diligence effort commitments resolved resolving commitments or want to the process to the process of transforming our lives to become the type of man and woman that god is desired us to be to become righteous in holy in his sight. That is the transformation process that we're not. We're not viewed as.

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